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"Me own father Balmir used it himself to slay the Terror of Wrothgar's Quagmire, he did."
Hlormar Wine-Sot[src]

Cloudcleaver is a unique enchanted weapon found in the possession of Sosia Caristiana while traveling on the road to Caldera from Balmora.


Recovering CloudcleaverEdit

The Nerevarine has the opportunity to obtain the weapon after settling a dispute between Sosia Caristiana and Hlormar Wine-Sot


The axe may be obtained in several ways:

  • It can be obtained by defeating and looting it from Sosia.
  • During the quest "Recovering Cloudcleaver," one way the weapon can be obtained is if the Nerevarine takes Hlormar Wine-Sot's side in the dispute and after retrieving it, giving it back to Hlormar. Then killing him, and looting it.
    • Alternatively they can keep the axe, however this will cause Hlormar Wine-Sot to attack them.
    • This weapon can also be obtained if the Nerevarine sides with Sosia Caristiana. Hlormar will, then, become hostile and attack, after defeating him, it is possible to ask Sosia for Cloudcleaver.


  • This weapon was used to kill a new born nix-hound eating the neighbor's marshmerrow, according to Hlormar Wine-Sot.