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Codex Scientia is a very rare strategy guide for The Elder Scrolls: Arena which was released by Bethesda Softworks in late 1994, shortly after the release of the game. The guide was written by Judith Weller & Ted Peterson, with illustrations done by David Lee Anderson, and graphic design was done by Peggy Meile.

Codex Scientia covered all the basics of the game and much more to include; Classes, and Subclasses, Races, Wilderness, Monsters, Dungeon Maps, Riddles, Artifacts, Items, Diseases, and Holidays of Tamriel.

Table of ContentsEdit

  • Contacting Bethesda Softworks (Page II)
  • Credits (Page III)
  • Introduction (Page 1)
  • Wilderness (Page 13)
  • Special Notes for Certain Monsters (Page 17)
  • Game Playing Reference Tables (Page 23)
  • Dungeon Maps (Page 34)
  • Riddles and Their Answers (Page 109)
  • Artifacts and Their Attributes (Page 119)
  • Magical Items & Their Attributes (Page 131)
  • Formulae (Page 139)
  • Miscellaneous (Page 145)
  • Index (Page 153)


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