The coffin of Grelod the Kind.

are objects used to store the dead. They are usually found in Halls of the Dead, in ancient crypts, or caves.

Vampires are known to sleep in coffins, and it is possible for a non-vampire character to sleep in one. In Dawnguard, sleeping in a coffin as a vampire or Vampire Lord will apply the "Vampiric Blood Rested" bonus that grants a 10% Resist Magic effect for eight in-game hours.

Known locationsEdit


In The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire, coffins are a craftable piece of furniture for a mansion. They are automatically placed in the cellar. For the option to build a coffin to appear, one needs to be a vampire.


Most coffins contain things like bone meal, gold, and clothing. Rarely, they may contain weapons, armor, potions, or other valuable items.