"Which Daedric cult built these long-lost catacombs? It wasn't worshipers of any of the four Princes of the House of Troubles. The clues to this secret are found deep within."
―Datamined Loading Screen

Cold-Blood Cavern is a cave in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is found near the entrance of the Ruins of Mazzatun in Shadowfen, west of Hei-Halai. The cavern is a Daedric ruin possibly dedicated to Clavicus Vile, and contains a number of Skaafin. There is a portal to Dyzera's Realm at the end of the cavern.


Dyzera's RealmEdit



  • In Dyzera's Realm, the portal refers to the cavern as "Bandit Den"
  • A Skaafin Tyrant to two witchlings can be seen praying to the statue of Clavicus Vile in the center of the cave