Coldcinder Cave is located under Raven Rock. It can be accessed by entering a trap door near the south entrance to Raven Rock or a grating in the floor of The Bulwark Jail.


The cave is comprised of an ancient Nordic tomb that splits off in two directions. To the left are three ash spawn guarding a boss chest. The back wall contains heart stone deposits. An additional heart stone deposit can be found along the western wall atop the ruins. Above the heart stone to the right, a ledge leads to a small recess, where a skeleton lies as if crushed by a cave-in. Minor loot lies near the skeleton.

There is a locked chest on a pillar on the left when facing the boss chest that can be reached by using Whirlwind Sprint, and an apothecary's satchel next to it.  The path to the right leads to a cavern inhabited by three netches and a skeever. At the end is a door into the the Bulwark Jail. The actual jail cannot be reached from the cave as entry from the jail is down a shaft covered by a grating.

If incarcerated, the grate located in the fireplace can be used as an escape route.