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The Colored Rooms are a collection of realms belonging to Meridia, inhabited by the Auroran Daedra. Little is known about this realm, save that the Aurorans are native to this plane.

This is where the spirit of Umaril the Unfeathered fled when Pelinal Whitestrake slew him.

After the Vestige defeated Molag Bal in his fortress, the Vestige was transported to the Colored Rooms. The Vestige is reunited with their soul and is told by Meridia that whichever companion they had sacrificed is now part of their soul as well. Molag Bal appeared and spoke with them, calmly explaining that he was impressed with their prowess but that the Vestige had attracted the attention of the other Daedric Princes and that they could not comprehend the politics of Oblivion. Meridia then materialized and told Molag Bal to be gone from her realm, which he did after one last mockery. 

It is mentioned in the book, Exegesis of Merid-Nunda.



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