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For other uses, see Comberry.
"The comberry is a bush that produces a bitter berry, best known as the basis of the native comberry brandy, a rough but potent alcoholic beverage of Morrowind. Comberry is grown in the Ascadian Isles."
―Anonymous, ABCs for Barbarians[src]

The Comberry is a bush that produces a bitter tasting red berry. The bush can grow up to a man's height and carries many berries. The comberry bush is the most known as the basis of the native comberry brandy, called Greef, a rough, but potent alcoholic beverage in Morrowind.

Comberry is grown on plantations in the Ascadian Isles. The native comberry brandy is called greef, while the wine is called Shein. Another favorite usage for comberries is comberry cake. When comberries are used in potions they can drain fatigue, restore magicka, fire shield, and reflect.



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