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Command Animal is a racial power of the Bosmer (wood elves) that forces an animal to become the Dragonborn's ally for 60 seconds.

  • This can be particularly useful when fighting giants, as they are normally accompanied by mammoths, which can be turned to fight for the Dragonborn, making giants much easier to defeat.
  • Command Animal negates the risk of unexpected death from Sabre Cat or Wolf ambushes, as using the power quickly repels the attacker; something valued for lower-leveled characters.
  • Despite being bestial, Dragons cannot be commanded.
  • Command Animal is an Area of Effect Power, requiring moderate vicinity to the target to activate.
  • Like other race powers, Command Animal may only be used once a day.

Among the best candidates for Command Animal Include:


  • Occasionally while an animal is under the Dragonborn's command when they fast travel, the animal will remain at the point of arrival permanently, e.g. Having a cave bear under command when fast traveling to Whiterun, the bear will remain at the city gates permanently and be non-hostile towards the Dragonborn or any other NPC's (will attack if hit).
  • Sometimes the animal simply won't follow/fight for the Dragonborn despite being commanded, most notable on Mammoths.

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