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The Common Robe is a piece of clothing. It is the most common apparel used across Morrowind. It is available in many colors and styles.


All clothiers around Vvardenfell, Mournhold and Solstheim will most likely sell at least one version, they are also often sold by general traders and pawnbrokers. They are worn by many people.

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  • common_robe_01
  • common_robe_02
  • common_robe_02_h
  • common_robe_02_hh
  • common_robe_02_r
  • common_robe_02_rr
  • common_robe_02_t
  • common_robe_02_tt
  • common_robe_03
  • common_robe_03_a
  • common_robe_03_b
  • common_robe_04
  • common_robe_05
  • common_robe_05_a
  • common_robe_05_b
  • common_robe_05_c





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  •  PC  Common Robe with ID common_robe_02_h has "Common Robe 05a" texture.
  •  PC  Common Robe with ID common_robe_03 has different texture when folded.