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Compassion is a Tribunal Temple quest available from Tuls Valen in Ald'ruhn in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



If the Nerevarine has completed the "Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces," they will have been inducted into the Tribunal Temple. This then allows the Nerevarine to begin taking quests from the Temple, from people such as Tuls Valen. Valen's first task for the Nerevarine is to cure an orc in Maelkashishi of Blight.

Curing a Blighted OrcEdit

Valen will give the Nerevarine a Potion of Cure Blight Disease, although he will suggest that the Nerevarine should instead learn Rilm's Gift (available from Folvys Andalor within the Temple) as Cure Blight Disease potions are expensive. Either way, the Nerevarine may find the Daedric Shrine of Maelkashishi to the northeast of Gnisis. The Orc, named Bulfim gra-Shugarz, can be found just inside the shrine's entrance.

Once gra-Shugarz has been cured, the Nerevarine may return to Valen. Valen will reward the Nerevarine with a copy of The Four Suitors of Benitah and give the Nerevarine their next quest.


IDJournal Entry
10Tuls Valen wants me to reenact Vivec's compassionate healing of a foe. I must either learn the Rilm's Gift spell or use the potion he gave me to cure the Orc Bulfim gra-Shugharz of Ash-Chancre. Bulfim gra-Shugarz is in Maelkashishi. I can get there by heading east from Ald Velothi until I reach the mountains, then following the mountains south.
  • Quest accepted
 50 I cured Bulfim gra-Shugharz.
 100 Tuls Valen thanked me for curing Bulfim gra-Shugharz.
 200 I told Tuls Valen that Bulfim gra-Shugharz was dead.
  • Quest complete


  • The topic of "Compassion" may come up in another conversation, meaning the Nerevarine may not have to be a member of the Temple to complete this quest,
  • During the Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces, the Nerevarine may have discovered Vivec's Ashmask at the Temple of Gnisis. They will therefore have learnt the spell Vivec's Touch, which is also a Cure spell.


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  • If the Nerevarine returns with the Cure Blight Potion, the quest won't be completed.
    • This can be prevented by returning to Valen without the potion (although this will forfeit the extra 10 points of reputation and disposition).
  • The topic of "Compassion" may fail to come up, particularly if the Nerevarine has obtained Valen's next quest.

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