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Conjure Flaming Familiar

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Conjure Flaming Familiar
School Conjuration
Skill Level Apprentice (25)
Magicka Cost 57
Effect Summons a flaming familiar which will charge into battle and explode.
Spell Tome Quest reward
Tome ID 000B45F7
Spell ID 0009CE26

Conjure Flaming Familiar is an Apprentice-level Conjuration spell in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A Flaming Familiar is the fire version of a regular Familiar that runs towards enemies and explodes, somewhat acting as a homing grenade.


The flaming familiar's explosion deals fire damage in an area, comparable to a Fireball. The summoner and allies may be damaged by the explosion. If no hostile targets exist, the conjured familiar may chase the summoner instead. Explosions caused by this spell do not generate aggravation, meaning docile persons hit by it do not attack the summoner.

The Flaming Familiar's summon distance is unusually long — about 3 times the distance of other summons. This is further multiplied by putting points in the "Summoner" perk.


  • "Apprentice Conjuration" cuts the Magicka cost of Conjure Flaming Familiar by half.
  • "Oblivion Binding" dispels both ally and enemy Conjured Familiars when struck with Bound weaponry.
  • "Summoner" - Conjured Familiar can be summoned at a greater distance. An additional point in this perk multiplies casting distance by 2.
  • "Twin Souls" allows two familiars to be summoned at once.
  • The Flaming Familiar does not benefit from the "Conjuration Dual Casting" perk.


The Flaming Familiar can be used as a homing fireball on land enemies, a powerful surprise attack for mages, a destructive distraction for groups of enemies or a cheap, land based Fireball. Coupled with its relatively low cost in magicka, it can quickly prove itself one of the most versatile spells in the game.

This spell is particularly useful against enemies that can turn other summons, since the familiar explodes after a short time and will not have time to run back to attack the caster.

Spell tomeEdit



  • Weight: 1 WeightIcon
  • Value: 250 GoldIcon
  • See Spell Tome for a complete table of spell tomes, their descriptions, and their values.



  • The spell may appear as simply "Flaming Familiar" instead of "Conjure Flaming Familiar" in the Character Menu.
  • This spell appears to be based on entities in European folklore, which are Familiars. They are said to be supernatural beings often appearing as animals or humanoid figures that assist those who practice magic.
  • The Familiar summoned by the spell can be detonated prematurely by the caster by hitting it with any other spell or weapon. However, it is advised to do so from a distance with a Destruction spell so as to avoid taking damage.
  • Although the Flaming Familiar explodes upon death (or when its summoned timer runs out), it acts like the Familiar summoned with the Conjure Familiar spell, in that it bites enemies. This also causes damage, like any other dog attack, and can kill weak enemies before the Flaming Familiar's timer runs out.
  • The Familiar can be used to kill low level NPCs in towns without triggering any bounty or registered as assault or murder. This can be extremely useful for killing Dark Brotherhood contracts in broad daylight. Just stay close to the contracts and the Familiar's splash damage upon exploding will kill the contracts and lightly injured the Dragonborn.


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