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Conjure Seeker is an Adept-level Conjuration spell found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.

Spell tomeEdit


The spell can only be found inside Apocrypha and will only appear with a Conjuration skill of 40 or higher. The book can be found in the following locations:


  • Weight - WeightIcon 1
  • Value - GoldIcon307
  • Item ID - xx033C67


The summoned seeker can and will use 2 different attacks:

Knowledge Drain
A green vortex shouted at the enemy. It is slow but causes decent damage.
  • Health Damage (40 pts)
  • Magicka Damage (40 pts)
  • Stagger
Seeker Drain
A green projectile that is faster than Knowledge Drain, but weaker.
  • Absorb Health (3 pts for 10 seconds)
  • Absorb Stamina (3 pts for 10 seconds)
  • Absorb Magicka (3 pts for 10 seconds)


Conjure Seeker is affected by the following perks:


  • The Seeker must be summoned before any other creatures to take advantage of the Conjuration perk, Twin Souls. The Seeker will replace the initial summon, but resummoning a creature after the Seeker may get them both to remain.
  • The light this spell gives off while equipped is white like that of a Restoration spell, even though the orb in the Dragonborn's hand is purple like any other Conjuration spell.


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