The following is a list of Arrow IDs. To receive the arrow you want, type in the following in the console:

player.AddItem <ItemID> <#>

"<ItemID>" is the actual item's ID number and "<#>" refers to how many of that item you want.


Arrow ID Arrow ID
Arrow of Blizzards 0004BF0B Arrow of Brilliance 00008A4D
Arrow of Burning 0004BEFB Arrow of Cleansing 000CD53F
Arrow of Cold 0004BF02 Arrow of Cowardice 0003DFDB
Arrow of Discord 0003BF67 Arrow of Dispel 0004BF11
Arrow of Drain Magicka 0004BF00 Arrow of Embers 0004BF10
Arrow of Extrication 00022DB5 Arrow of Fatigue 0003DFD6
Arrow of Fear 0003DFD8 Arrow of Fire 0004BF07
Arrow of Flames 0004BF04 Arrow of Freezing 0004BF05
Arrow of Frost 000FBEF9 Arrow of Harm 0003DFD7
Arrow of Hexing 00159676 Arrow of Illumination 00008A4C
Arrow of Immolation 000CD542 Arrow of Jinxing 0004BEFF
Arrow of Jolts 0004BEFD Arrow of Light 00008AF4
Arrow of Lightning 0004BF0C Arrow of Misery 0003DFD9
Arrow of Numbing 0004BEFC Arrow of Qualms 0003DFDA
Arrow of Savage Frost 000CD540 Arrow of Scorching 0004BF01
Arrow of Shocking 0004BF03 Arrow of Silence 0003DFDC
Arrow of Sparks 0004BEFA Arrow of Stillness 0003DFDD
Arrow of Storm Strike 000CD543 Arrow of Storms 0004BF0F
Arrow of Sunlight 0000BAD9 Arrow of the Blaze 0004BF0A
Arrow of the Dynamo 0004BF09 Arrow of the Glacier 0004BF08
Arrow of the Inferno 0004BF0D Arrow of the North Winds 000CD545
Arrow of Voltage 0004BF06 Arrow of Winter 0004BF0E
Arrow of Withering 0003CB6C Daedric Arrow 0001EFD3
Dremora Barbed Arrow 000872A7 Dremora Broadhead Arrow 000872A6
Dremora Field Arrow 000872A5 Dwarven Arrow 00022BE2
Ebony Arrow 0001EFD5 Elven Arrow 000229C0
Flare Arrow 00008A4E Glass Arrow 00022BE1
Hatreds Soul Arrow 00014EB3 Iron Arrow 00017829
Magebane Arrow 000CD544 Rose of Sithis 0003266D
Silver Arrow 0001EFD4 Steel Arrow 000229C1
Stormcall Arrow 000CD541

Shivering IslesEdit

Arrow ID Arrow ID
Bone Arrow xx0165a6 Bone Arrow xx0788df
Bone Arrow xx0788e0 Bone Arrow xx0788e1
Bone Arrow xx0788e2 Bone Arrow xx0788e3
Bone Arrow xx0788ee Bone Arrow xx0788ef
Gatekeeper Bone Arrow xx07e0bf Gatekeeper Bone Arrow xx07e0be
Gatekeeper Bone Arrow xx07e0bd Gatekeeper Bone Arrow xx07e0bc
Gatekeeper Bone Arrow xx007e0b Gatekeeper Bone Arrow xx07e0ba
Gatekeeper Bone Arrow xx07e0b9 Gatekeeper Bone Arrow xx07e0c0
Dark Arrow xx041ebe Golden Arrow xx041ebf
Amber Arrow xx016c7e Fine Amber Arrow xx016c7f
Very Fine Amber Arrow xx016c80 Grand Amber Arrow xx016c81
Perfect Amber Arrow xx016c82 Impure Amber Arrow xx09225b
Unpolished Amber Arrow xx0922c7 Lesser Amber Arrow xx0922ca
Amber Arrow xx016cdb Fine Amber Arrow xx016cdc
Very Fine Amber Arrow xx016cdd Grand Amber Arrow xx016cde
Perfect Amber Arrow xx016cdf Impure Amber Arrow xx092779
Unpolished Amber Arrow xx09277b Lesser Amber Arrow xx09277c
Crude Madness Arrow xx062d0d Brittle Madness Arrow xx062d04
Madness Arrow xx01ce53 Fine Madness Arrows xx01f432
Very Fine Madness Arrow xx01f433 Grand Madness Arrow xx01f434
Perfect Madness Arrow xx01f435 Impure Madness Arrow xx0922e1
Unpolished Madness Arrow xx0923bd Lesser Madness Arrow xx0923be
Madness Arrow xx01f4ae Fine Madness Arrows xx01f4ad
Very Fine Madness Arrow xx01f4ac Grand Madness Arrow xx01f4ab
Perfect Madness Arrow xx01f4aa Impure Madness Arrow xx09277e
Unpolished Madness Arrow xx092783 Lesser Madness Arrow xx092784
Steel Arrow 00012D22 Loathsome Dark Arrow xx042be3
Repulsive Dark Arrow xx01a13b Alluring Dark Arrow xx042be4
Beguiling Dark Arrow xx042be5 Corroded Golden Arrow xx042be6
Tarnished Golden Arrow xx017d33 Burnished Golden Arrow xx042be7
Lustrous Golden Arrow xx042be8 Grummite Arrow xx079089
Grummite Arrow xx08e399 Grummite Arrow xx08e33a
Grummite Arrow xx08e33b Grummite Arrow xx08e33c

The Thieves DenEdit

Arrow ID Arrow ID
Arrow of Blindness xx00ba44 Arrow of Retreat xx00ba51
Arrow of Stumbling xx000042 Tracer Arrow xx000045
Arrow of Lassitude xx000053 Arrow of Apathy xx000054