The following is a list of Book IDs. To receive a book type in the following in the console:

player.AddItem <itemID> <#>

"<itemID>" is the actual book's ID number and "<#>" refers to how many of that book you want.



Book ID Book ID
2920, vol 03 - First Seed 000243D7 2920, vol 11 - Sun's Dusk 000243D3
2920, vol 12 - Evening Star 000243DB
Book ID Book ID
A Children's Anuad 00024576 A Less Rude Song 00024569
A Life of Uriel Septim VII 000AA07D Aevar Stone-Singer 00024543
Ahzirr Traajijazeri 000243FE Arcana Restored 00024584
Azura and the Box 0002453B


Book ID Book ID
Beggar Prince 0001FB53 Bible of the Deep Ones 000C7B33
Biography of Barenziah, v 1 00024550 Biography of Barenziah, v 2 00024551
Biography of Barenziah, v 3 00024552 Biography of Barenziah, v 3 00024553
Brief History of the Empire, v 1 00024554 Brief History of the Empire, v 2 00024555
Brief History of the Empire, v 3 00024556 Brief History of the Empire, v 4 00024557


Book ID Book ID
Children of the Sky 00024587 Cleansing of the Fane 0002C8DD
Book ID Book ID
Darkest Darkness 00024564 De Rerum Dirennis 000243D2
Dwemer History and Culture 00022B17


Book ID Book ID
Fall of the Snow Prince 00024544 Feyfolken, Book I 000243E7
Feyfolken, Book II 000243ED Feyfolken, Book III 000243F1
Five Songs of King Wulfharth 00024588 Followers of the Gray Fox 00024595
Fragment: On Artaeum 00024589 Frontier, Conquest 00024566
Fundamentals of Alchemy 00024567


Book ID Book ID
Galerion the Mystic 00024568 Glories and Laments 0000A2B3
Gods and Worship 0002456F Guide to Anvil 0002455B
Guide to Bravil 0002455F Guide to Bruma 0002455E
Guide to Cheydinhal 00024561 Guide to Chorrol 0002455D
Guide to Leyawiin 00024560 Guide to Skingrad 0002455C
Guide to the Imperial City 00024562


Book ID Book ID
Hanging Gardens 0002458A History of Lock Picking 0001FB51
Book ID
Imbel Genealogy 000152FD
Book ID
Knightfall 00022E65
Book ID Book ID
Lost Histories of Tamriel 000C4A2B Lost Histories of Tamriel 0000BF8C


Book ID Book ID
Mages Guild Charter 00026D8B Magic from the Sky 00078563
Manual of Armor 000AA288 Manual of Arms 0002456A
Manual of Spellcraft 0002456b
Master Zoaraym's Tale 00024400
Mixed Unit Tactics 0002456C Modern Heretics 00026B1D
More Than Mortal 0002453A Mysterious Akavir 0002456E
Mystery of Talara, Book V 00024580 Mysticism 0002458B
Myth or Menace? 0001F113


Book ID Book ID
Nerevar Moon and Star 0002458C N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis! 0002458D
Nirnroot Missive 0004E95E
Book ID Book ID
On Morrowind 0002456D On Oblivion 0002457E
Origin of the Mages Guild 0002458F


Book ID Book ID
Palla, volume 1 00024409 Palla, volume 2 000243DD
Pension of the Ancestor Moth 000982F0 Provinces of Tamriel 0002457F
Book ID Book ID
Remanada 000BF1CF Report: Disaster at Ionith 00024558
The Ruins of Kemel-Ze 00024575


Book ID
Spirit of the Daedra 00024582
Book ID Book ID
Tamrielic Lore 0002457A Ten Commands: Nine Divines 00024577
Thief of Virtue 0001F112 Trials of St. Alessia 00024579


Book ID Book ID
The Amulet of Kings 00024578 The Argonian Account, Book 2 00024559
The Argonian Account, Book 4 0002455A The Book of Daedra 00024563
The Brothers of Darkness 00024586 The Firmament 0002457B
The Five Tenets 00024596 The Last King of the Ayleids 00058EEE
The Legendary Scourge 00024583 The Lusty Argonian Maid 00078562
The Madness of Pelagius 0002457D The Old Ways 0002458E
The Pig Children 00024590 The Posting of the Hunt 00024585
The Real Barenziah, v 1 00024570 The Real Barenziah, v 2 00024571
The Real Barenziah, v 3 00024572 The Real Barenziah, v 4 00024573
The Real Barenziah, v 5 00024574 The Red Book of Riddles 00024591
The Seed 000243FF The Third Door 000243F3
The True Nature of Orcs 00024592 The Warp in the West 000243ec
The Waters of Oblivion 00024593 The Wild Elves 00024594
The Wolf Queen, v 3 00024406 The Wolf Queen, v 8 00024581


Book ID
Varieties of Daedra 0002457C




Book ID Book ID
Cherim's Heart of Anequina 000243DC Heavy Armor Repair 00073A68
Light Armor Repair 00073A67 The Armorer's Challenge 000243D9
The Last Scabbard of Akrash 000243da


Book ID Book ID
A Dance in Fire, v3 000243DF Beggar (Book) 000243E1
Mystery of Talara, v 1 000243CE The Argonian Account, Book 1 000243E2
The Ransom of Zarek 000243DE The Red Kitchen Reader 000243E0


Book ID Book ID
2920, vol 01 - Morning Star 000243E4 Battle of Sancre Tor 00073A61
Fire and Darkness 000243E5 Song of Hrormir 000243E6
Words and Philosophy 000243E3


Book ID Book ID
A Dance in Fire, v2 000243EA Death Blow of Abernanit 000243E8
The Mirror 000243E9 Warrior 000243EB


Book ID Book ID
King 000243F0 Mace Etiquette 00073A66
Night Falls on Sentinel 000243EF The Importance of Where 000243EE
The Legendary Sancre Tor 00073A62


Book ID Book ID
Immortal Blood 000243FC Way of the Exposed Palm 00073A6A
The Wolf Queen, v 2 000243FD

Heavy ArmorEdit

Book ID Book ID
2920, vol 06 - Mid Year 00024402 Chimarvamidium 00024403
Fighters Guild History, 1st Ed. 000A915C Hallgerd's Tale 00024401
History of the Fighters Guild 00024405 How Orsinium Passed to Orcs 00024404



Book ID Book ID
A Dance in Fire, v1 000243CB A Dance in Fire, v4 000243CC
Thief 000243CA The Black Arrow, v 1 000243CD

Light ArmorEdit

Book ID Book ID
Ice and Chitin 0002440C Jornibret's Last Dance 0002440D
Rislav The Righteous 0002440F The Rear Guard 0002440B
The Refugees 0002440E


Book ID Book ID
A Dance in Fire, v5 00024411 Father Of The Niben 00024530
The Black Arrow, v 2 00024531 The Gold Ribbon of Merit 00024410
Vernaccus and Bourlor 0002452F


Book ID Book ID
2920, vol 07 - Sun's Height 00024534 A Dance in Fire, v6 00024535
The Buying Game 00024532 The Wolf Queen, v 4 00024533


Book ID Book ID
Advances in Lockpicking 00073A65 Proper Lock Design 00073A64
Surfeit of Thieves 00024545 The Locked Room 00024541
The Wolf Queen, v 1 00024542


Book ID Book ID
2920, vol 08 - Last Seed 00024547 Legend of Krately House 00024549
Purloined Shadows 0002454A Sacred Witness 00024548
The Wolf Queen, v 6 00024546


Book ID Book ID
2920, vol 05 - Second Seed 0002454D A Dance in Fire, v7 00024536
Biography of the Wolf Queen 0002454B The Wolf Queen, v 5 0002454C
The Wolf Queen, v 7 0002454E



Book ID Book ID
A Game at Dinner 000243CF Calcinator Treatise 00073A5F
Mannimarco, King of Worms 000243D0 Song of the Alchemists 000243D1


Book ID Book ID
Daughter of the Niben 000243D4 Reality & Other Falsehoods 00073A69
Sithis 000243D6 The Dragon Break 000243D5
The Lunar Lorkhan 000243D8


Book ID Book ID
2920, vol 09 - Hearth Fire 000243F4 2920, vol 10 - Frostfall 000243F5
Liminal Bridges 00073A60 Mythic Dawn Commentaries 1 00022B04
The Doors of Oblivion 000243F2 The Warrior's Charge 000243F6


Book ID Book ID
A Hypothetical Treachery 000243F9 Mystery of Talara, v 3 000243FB
Mythic Dawn Commentaries 2 00022B05 Response to Bero's Speech 000243F8
The Art of War Magic 000243FA The Horrors of Castle Xyr 000243F7


Book ID Book ID
Incident at Necrom 0024408 Mystery of Talara, v 4 002440A
Mythic Dawn Commentaries 3 00022B06 The Argonian Account, Book 4 00024407


Book ID Book ID
2920, vol 02 - Sun's Dawn 00024538 Before the Ages of Man 00073A63
Mythic Dawn Commentaries 4 00022B07 Souls, Black and White 00073A6B
The Black Arts On Trial 00024539


Book ID Book ID
2920, vol 04 - Rain's Hand 0002453F Mystery of Talara, v 2 00024540
Notes on Racial Phylogeny 0002453D The Exodus 0002453E
Withershins 0002453C