The following is a list of Horse IDs. To spawn the horse you want, type the following into the console:

player.PlaceAtMe <horseID> <#>

"<horseID>" is the ID of horse you wish to spawn and "<#>" is the number of horses you wish to spawn. For example, if you wanted to spawn one White Horse at the player, you would enter the following into the console:

player.PlaceAtMe 0001F11B 1



Horse ID Horse ID
Bay Horse 0001F11D Black Horse 0001F11A
Chestnut Horse 00015B92 Paint Horse 0001F11E
White Horse 0001F11B


Horse ID Horse ID
My Bay Horse 0004DE8E My Black Horse 0004DE8F
My Chestnut Horse 0004DE90 My Paint Horse 0004DE91
My White Horse 0004DE8D


Horse ID Horse ID
Blossom 0007B78E Shadowmere 00032BF4
Unicorn 0001EC58


Note that these horses cannot be ridden and will always run away.

Horse ID Horse ID
Wild Bay Horse 00015B90 Wild Chestnut Horse 0001F11C
Wild Paint Horse 00015B93


Note that armored horses can only be obtained if you have downloaded and installed the Horse Armor DLC.


Horse ID Horse ID
Armored Bay Horse xx000ce5 Armored Black Horse xx000ce7
Armored Chestnut Horse xx000ce8 Armored Old Nag xx0034ca
Armored Paint Horse xx000ce9 Armored White Horse xx000cea
Shadowmere (Armored) xx000ce6


Horse ID Horse ID
Armored Bay Horse xx00210f Armored Black Horse xx002111
Armored Chestnut Horse xx002112 Armored Old Nag xx0034cc
Armored Paint Horse xx002113 Armored White Horse xx002117
Shadowmere (Armored) xx002116