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The following is a list of Mace, Warhammer, War Axe and Battleaxe IDs. To receive the weapon you want, type the following in the console:

Player.AddItem <ItemID> <#>

"<ItemID>" is the actual item's ID and "<#>" refers to how many of that item you want.


Name Item ID Name Item ID
Daedric Mace 000139B8 Dwarven Mace 00013998
Ebony Mace 000139B0 Elven Mace 000139A0
Glass Mace 000139A8 Iron Mace 00013982
Lunar Iron Mace Level 2-3: 0003B0BF
Level 4-5: 0003B0C0
Level 6+: 0003B0C1
Lunar Steel Mace Level 4-5: 0003B0B6
Level 6-7: 0003B0B9
Level 8+: 0003B0BC
Mace of Molag Bal 000233E3 Orcish Mace 00013990
Rusty Mace 00022F0F Steel Mace 00013988


Name Item ID Name Item ID
Aegisbane 000D2AFE Dragonbone Warhammer xx014fd0
Daedric Warhammer 000139BA Dwarven Warhammer 0001399A
Ebony Warhammer 000139B2 Elven Warhammer 000139A2
Glass Warhammer 000139AA Iron Warhammer 00013981
Orcish Warhammer 00013992 Shagrol's Warhammer 000223FB
Steel Warhammer 0001398A The Longhammer 000AE085
Trollsbane 0006AF63 Volendrung 0002ACD2

War AxesEdit

Name ID Name ID
Ancient Nord War Axe 0002C672 Ceremonial Axe 0008ABFD
Daedric War Axe 000139B3 Dawnguard War Axe xx00d098
Dragonbone War Axe xx014fcf Dwarven War Axe 00013993
Ebony War Axe 000139AB Elven War Axe 0001399B
Falmer War Axe 000302CD Forsworn Axe 000CC829
Ghorbash's Ancestral Axe 0006A8FD Glass War Axe 000139A3
Honed Draugr War Axe 0005BF15 Honed Falmer War Axe 0006F700
Illusory War Axe 000E7A31 Iron War Axe 00013790
Lunar Iron War Axe Level 2-3: 0003B0C5
Level 4-5: 0003B0C6
Level 6+: 0003B0C7
Lunar Steel War Axe Level 4-5: 0003B0B8
Level 6-7: 0003B0BB
Level 8+: 0003B0BE
Nord Hero War Axe 00068C63 Notched Pickaxe 001019D4
Okin 0008FFDE Orcish War Axe 0001398B
Pickaxe 000E3C16 Poacher's Axe 000AE086
Skyforge Steel War Axe 0009F260 Steel War Axe 00013983
Woodcutter's Axe 0002F2F4


Name ID Name ID
Ancient Nord Battle Axe 0001CB64 Daedric Battleaxe 000139B4
Dragonbone Battleaxe xx014fc3 Drainblood Battleaxe 000F82FA
Dwarven Battleaxe 00013994 Ebony Battleaxe 000139AC
Elven Battleaxe 0001399C Glass Battleaxe 000139A4
Headsman's Axe 000BE25E Honed Ancient Nord Battle Axe 0005BF12
Iron Battleaxe 00013980 Nord Hero Battle Axe 00068C79
Orcish Battleaxe 0001398C Skyforge Steel Battleaxe 0009F25F
Steel Battleaxe 00013984 Rueful Axe 0001C4E6
The Woodsman's Friend 00022265 Tsun's Battle Axe 0005BF19
Wuuthrad 000956B5

Rare WeaponsEdit


Name ID Name ID
Iron Mace of Soul Snares A69C4 Iron Mace of Binding 896DF
Iron Mace of Dismay 896DF Iron Mace of Cowardice 89711
Iron Mace of Fear 89713 Steel Mace of Dismay A69B8
Steel Mace of Cowardice A69B9 Steel Mace of Sapping A69BA
Steel Mace of Draining A69BB Steel Mace of Diminishing A69BC
Steel Mace of Souls A69BD Steel Mace of Soul Snares A69BE
Steel Mace of Binding A69BF Steel Mace of Fatigue A69C0
Steel Mace of Weariness A69C1 Steel Mace of Torpor A69C2
Blessed Steel Mace A69C3 Sanctified Steel Mace A69C4


Name ID Name ID
Iron Warhammer of Sapping 896DB Iron Warhammer of Draining 896DC
Iron Warhammer of Diminishing 896DD Iron Warhammer of Souls 896E4
Iron Warhammer of Soul Snares 896E5 Iron Warhammer of Binding 896E6
Blessed Iron Warhammer 896F9 Santified Iron Warhammer 896FA
Reverent Iron Warhammer 896FB Iron Warhammer of Fatigue 89705
Iron Warhammer of Weariness 89706 Iron Warhammer of Torpor 89707
Iron Warhammer of Dismay 8971A Iron Warhammer of Cowardice 8971B
Iron Warhammer of Fear 8971C Steel Warhammer of Dismay A69A2
Steel Warhammer of Cowardice A69A3 Steel Warhammer of Fear A69A4
Steel Warhammer of Embers A69A5 Steel Warhammer of Burning A69A6
Steel Warhammer of Chills A69A7 Steel Warhammer of Frost A69A8
Steel Warhammer of Sapping A69A9 Steel Warhammer of Draining A69AA
Steel Warhammer of Diminishing A69AB Steel Warhammer of Sparks A69AC
Steel Warhammer of Arcing A69AD Steel Warhammer of Shocks A69AE
Steel Warhammer of Souls A69AF Steel Warhammer of Soul Snares A69B0
Steel Warhammer of Binding A69B1 Steel Warhammer of Fatigue A69B2
Steel Warhammer of Weariness A69B3 Steel Warhammer of Torpor A69B4
Blessed Steel Warhammer A69B5 Santified Steel Warhammer A69B6
Reverent Steel Warhammer A69B7

War AxesEdit

Name ID Name ID
Iron War Axe of Soul Snares 896E2 Iron War Axe of Binding 896E3
Iron War Axe of Dismay 89717 Iron War Axe of Cowardice 89718
Iron War Axe of Fear 89719 Skyforge Steel War Axe 9F260
Okin 8FFDE Ceremonial Axe 8ADFB


Name ID Name ID
Iron Battleaxe of Souls 896E7 Iron Battleaxe of Soul Snares 896E8
Iron Battleaxe of Binding 896E9 Blessed Iron Battleaxe 896F0
Santified Iron Battleaxe 896F1 Reverent Iron Battleaxe 896F2
Iron Battleaxe of Fatigue 896FC Iron Battleaxe of Weariness 896FD
Iron Battleaxe of Torpor 896FE Iron Battleaxe of Dismay 89708
Iron Battleaxe of Cowardice 89709 Iron Battleaxe of Fear 8970A
Wuuthrad 956B5 Skyforge Steel Battleaxe 9F25F
Steel Battleaxe of Embers A56CE Steel Battleaxe of Burning A56CF
Steel Battleaxe of Scorching A56D0 Steel Battleaxe of Chills A6975
Steel Battleaxe of Frost A6976 Steel Battleaxe of Ice A6977
Steel Battleaxe of Dismay A6978 Steel Battleaxe of Cowardice A6979
Steel Battleaxe of Fear A697A Steel Battleaxe of Sparks A697B
Steel Battleaxe of Arcing A697C Steel Battleaxe of Shocks A697D
Steel Battleaxe of Sapping A697E Steel Battleaxe of Draining A697F
Steel Battleaxe of Diminishing A6980 Steel Battleaxe of Souls A6981
Steel Battleaxe of Soul Snares A6982 Steel Battleaxe of Binding A6983
Steel Battleaxe of Fatigue A6984 Steel Battleaxe of Weariness A6985
Steel Battleaxe of Torpor A6986 Blessed Steel Battleaxe A6987
Santified Steel Battleaxe A6988 Reverent Steel Battleaxe A6989

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