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This page lists all Circlets. To receive the Circlets you want, type the following in the console:

Player.AddItem <ID> <#>

"<ID>" is the actual item's ID and "<#>" refers to how many of that item you want.

more columns
Name ID
Circlet of Alchemy 000FC001
Circlet of Alteration 000FC007
Circlet of Archery 000FC02B
Circlet of Conjuration 000FC00D
Circlet of Destruction 000FC012
Circlet of Eminent Alchemy 000FC003
Circlet of Eminent Alteration 000FC009
Circlet of Eminent Archery 000FC02D
Circlet of Eminent Conjuration 000FC00E
Circlet of Eminent Destruction 000FC015
more columns
Name ID
Circlet of Eminent Illusion 000FC021
Circlet of Eminent Magicka 000FC027
Circlet of Eminent Restoration 000FC033
Circlet of Extreme Alchemy 000FC004
Circlet of Extreme Alteration 000FC00A
Circlet of Extreme Archery 000FC02E
Circlet of Extreme Conjuration 000FC010
Circlet of Extreme Destruction 000FC016
Circlet of Extreme Illusion 000FC022
Circlet of Extreme Magicka 000FC028
more columns
Name ID
Circlet of Extreme Restoration 000FC034
Circlet of Illusion 000FC01F
Circlet of Magicka 000FC025
Circlet of Major Alchemy 000FC002
Circlet of Major Alteration 000FC008
Circlet of Major Archery 000FC02C
Circlet of Major Conjuration 000FC00E
Circlet of Major Destruction 000FC014
Circlet of Major Illusion 000FC01F
Circlet of Major Magicka 000FC026
more columns
Name ID
Circlet of Major Restoration 000FC032
Circlet of Minor Alchemy 000FC000
Circlet of Minor Alteration 000FC006
Circlet of Minor Archery 000FC02A
Circlet of Minor Conjuration 000FC00C
Circlet of Minor Destruction 000FC012
Circlet of Minor Illusion 000FC01E
Circlet of Minor Magicka 000FC024
Circlet of Minor Restoration 000FC030
Circlet of Peerless Alchemy 000FC005
more columns
Name ID
Circlet of Peerless Alteration 000FC00B
Circlet of Peerless Archery 000FC02F
Circlet of Peerless Conjuration) 000FC011
Circlet of Peerless Destruction 000FC017
Circlet of Peerless Illusion 000FC023
Circlet of Peerless Magicka 000FC029
Circlet of Peerless Restoration 00100E39
Circlet of Restoration 000FC031
Copper and Moonstone Circlet) 00016730
Copper and Onyx Circlet 000166FF

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