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This page lists all Keys. To receive the Keys you want, type the following in the console:

Player.AddItem <ID> <#>

"<ID>" is the actual item's ID and "<#>" refers to how many of that item you want.

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Name ID
Abandoned Prison Key 000E94D4
Abandoned Shack Key 0002E3F8
Aerin's House Key 000FDEB5
Alor House Key DR xx018453
Angarvunde Key 0008715F
Ansilvund Key 00093BF4
Arch-Mage's Quarters Key 000C5140
Aretino Residence Key 0009C795
Argonian Assemblage Key 0009C79B
Arondil's Key 000835CA
more columns
Name ID
Atheron Residence Key 0009C7DA
Avanchnzel Key 0006D0AD
more columns
Name ID
Baldor's House Key DR xx018fb7
Bee and Barb Key 000FDEB2
Belethor's General Goods Key 00093B07
Belyn Hlaalu's House Key 0009C864
Benkongerike Key DR xx01a971
Bilegulch Mine Key 000EF02F
Black-Briar Lodge Key 0002C474
Black-Briar Manor Key 000FDEB7
Black-Briar Meadery Key 000FDEB9
Bloodlet Cage Key 0005E4A8
more columns
Name ID
Blue Palace Servants Key 000B48FE
Bolli's House Key 000FDEB6
Boneyard Key DG xx004bd5
Borkul's Key 0001AB5D
Brand-Shei's Strongbox Key 000E82C3
Brand-Shei's Strongbox Key DR xx024fa7
Brandy-Mug Farmhouse Key 0009C876
Brinewater Grotto Key 00050341
Broken Tower Prison Key 0008683B
Brunwulf's House Key 000DD744
more columns
Name ID
Caerellius House Key DR xx018455
Cage Key 0001C250
Cage Key 000506D2
Calcelmo's Laboratory Key 00055901
Calixto's Key 000E6C64
Captive Shackle Key 0002E3F9
Castle Dour Dungeon Key 0007E019
Castle Karstaag Key DR xx02481a
Cellar Key 0002BAE2
Chillrend Case Key 000F84A5
more columns
Name ID
Clan Cruel-Sea House Key 0009C86A
Clan Shatter-Shield House Key 0009C86C
Clan Shatter-Shield Office Key 0009C867
Confiscated Goods Key 0010E7E6
Cowflop Farm Key 0009E134
Cracked Tusk Vault Key 00066485
Craglane Chest Key 000D81F9
Craglane Dog Cage Key 000D509B
Crossinghouse Key 0009C6D7
more columns
Name ID
Dainty Sload Footlocker Key 0005B614
Darklight Tower Closet Key 0002E104
Darklight Tower Key 00041965
Darkwater Pit Key 000D7772
Darkwater Pit Key 0003BB13
Dawnguard Cache Key DG xx0034fb
Dead Crone Rock Key 000A0D46
Deepwood Redoubt Key 00028440
Delphine's Secret Door Key 000990DF
Deor's House Key DR xx018fa4
more columns
Name ID
Doesn't Exist 000C62A1
Dragon Bridge Chest Key 000F4A1A
Dustman's Cairn Key 0009AEFF
Dwemer Museum Key 00094392
more columns
Name ID
East Empire Office Key 00056AF7
East Empire Warehouse Key 0010080E
Edla's House Key DR xx018fbb
Elgrim's Elixirs Key 000FDEBA
Embershard Mine Key 000B6FE5
more columns
Name ID
Faldar's Cage Key 000C007B
Faldar's Tooth Key 00043A71
Falkreath Jail Key 000FB90C
Fellglow Keep Key 00071C07
Fellglow Ritual Chamber Key 00071C08
Fellhammer Mine Key 000446D8
Fellstar Farm Key 00106E23
Folgunthur Catacomb Key 000AB6FE
Forelhost Balcony Key 0003A691
Forelhost Entrance Key 0003A694
more columns
Name ID
Forelhost Well Key 000241B4
Fort Blackmoor Prison Key 00016FF1
Fort Frostmoth Key DR xx01f4b4
Fort Kastav Prison Key 000BED2D
Fort Neugrad Library Key 000CC59C
Fort Neugrad Prison Key 0008B232
Fort Snowhawk Prison Key 00091F0E
Fort Snowhawk Quarters Key 000D8996
Fort Sungard Jail Key 000798C1
more columns
Name ID
Glover Mallory's House Key DR xx018454
Glover's Guild Key DR xx02ad3d
Goldenglow Cellar Key 00061AED
Goldenglow Gate Key 000B6439
Goldenglow Safe Key 000E6DFE
Grelka's Market Key 000B8F35
Gyldenhul Barrow Key DR xx018d1c
more columns
Name ID
Habd's Lighthouse Key 00048141
Haelga's Bunkhouse Key 000FDEB4
Hag Rock Ruin Jail Key 000E9918
Hag's End Key 0009D392
Hargar's Chest Key 00038CE2
Helgen Keep Key 000B5178
Hillgrund's Chest Key 000BC6FE
Hillgrund's Tomb Crypt Key 000A9F21
Hillgrund's Tomb Key 00019CFF
Hlaalu Farmhouse Key 0009C875
more columns
Name ID
Hollyfrost Farmhouse Key 0009C874
Honningbrew Brewhouse Key 0005CDBC
Honningbrew Meadery Key 0002BAA7
Horgeir's House Key 000B8761
more columns
Name ID
Ienth Farmhouse Key DR xx018457
Ingun's Supply Chest Key 0003C590
Interrogation Chamber Key 00039F29
Investigator's Key 000F9924
Irkngthand Arcanex Key 000B7CBC
Irkngthand Consortium Key 000B7C00
Iron Key 0004EC50
Irontree Mill House Key 00098B7A
more columns
Name ID
Japhet's Folly Key 0002E5FB
Jaree's Key 00023A70
Jorrvaskr Back Room Key 000734C5
more columns
Name ID
Katariah Master Key 000BBB7F
Keerava's Key 0004E0B7
Kerah's Key 0004700D
Key to Abandoned Lodge DR xx027e00
Key to Addvar's House 000C13C3
Key to Aeri's House 0006564E
Key to Aleuc's House 0009E2A5
Key to Alftand Lift 000D1843
Key to Alva's House 00070E80
Key to Alvor's House 00036A3D
more columns
Name ID
Key to Amren's House 00093B06
Key to Anga's Mill Common House 00065650
Key to Angeline's Aromatics 000C13C6
Key to Arcadia's Cauldron 00093B05
Key to Argi's Hut 0009E2A6
Key to Arnleif and Sons Trading Company 0006566E
Key to Bards College 000C13C9
Key to Battle-Born Farmhouse 000FE2B1
Key to Beitild's House 0009DA2D
Key to Belethor's General Goods 00093B07
more columns
Name ID
Key to Bits and Pieces 000C13CC
Key to Blue Palace 000C13D2
Key to Breezehome 00093B08
Key to Brina's House 0009DA32
Key to Bryling's House 000C13D5
Key to Bthardamz Elevator 0003E141
Key to Burguk's Longhouse 0006566A
Key to Carlotta Valentia's House 00093B09
Key to Castle Dour 000C13D8
Key to Castle Dour Tower 000C13DB
more columns
Name ID
Key to Chillfurrow Farmhouse 000FE2B2
Key to Cidhna Mine 00100FA6
Key to Corpselight Farm 000C1395
Key to Cosnach's Room 000656E5
Key to Daighre's House 00065667
Key to Dawnstar Jail 0009DA41
Key to Degaine's Room 000BEC39
Key to Dengeir's Hall 000C13A5
Key to Eltrys's Room 000656E3
Key to Endon's House 00065672
more columns
Name ID
Key to Enmon's House 0006565E
Key to Erikur's House 000C13E1
Key to Evette San's House 000C13E4
Key to Faendal's House 00036A42
Key to Falion's House 00108BA4
Key to Falion's House 0009E298
Key to Fathendas House 00065653
Key to Filnjar's House 00106E21
Key to Fruki's House 0009DA42
Key to Garvey's Room 00065780
more columns
Name ID
Key to Gerdur's House 00036A40
Key to Gestur's House 0009E2A3
Key to Gilfre's House 000F18EC
Key to Grave Concoctions 000C13A6
Key to Gray Pine Goods 000C13A7
Key to Gularz Khazgur Keep 0006649A
Key to Half Moon Mill 000C13C0
Key to Halldir's Crypt 0003AD48
Key to Halted Stream Mine 000D2947
Key to Heigen's Farmhouse 00065655
more columns
Name ID
Key to Heimskr's House 00093B0A
Key to Hjerim 00021679
Key to Hjorunn's Room 00098B7C
Key to Honeyside 000A7B36
Key to House Battle-Born 00093B0C
Key to House Gray-Mane 00093B0B
Key to House of Arkay 000C13A8
Key to Irgnir's House 0009DA37
Key to Jala's House 000C13EA
Key to Jens' Farmhouse 00065656
more columns
Name ID
Key to Jorgen and Lami's House 000B858A
Key to Jorgen's Chest 00026BC8
Key to Justiciar's Headquarter 000C13ED
Key to Karthwasten Hall 0006565C
Key to Karthwasten Miners' Barracks 00065660
Key to Katla's Farm 00098B7D
Key to Kharag's Room 00098B7B
Key to Klimmek's House 00106E24
Key to Kraldar's House 0009E28E
Key to Lami's Hut 0009E29A
more columns
Name ID
Key to Larak's Longhouse 00065669
Key to Left Hand Miner's Barracks 00065665
Key to Leigelf's House 0009DA38
Key to Lod's House 000C13AA
Key to Longhouse 0009E2A4
Key to Loreius Famhouse 00065651
Key to Maiden-Loom Manor 00093B0D
Key to Margret's Room 000D3E6A
Key to Markarth Keep 000656EC
Key to Markarth Stables 000BEB82
more columns
Name ID
Key to Markarth Treasury House 0006566C
Key to Mehrunes' Shrine 00107D97
Key to Morthal Guardhouse 00108BA5
Key to Morthal Jail 0010480C
Key to Nchuand-Zel 000537F8
Key to Nepos's House 00065676
Key to Odfel's House 00106E22
Key to Ogmund's House 00065674
Key to Olava the Feeble's House 00093B0E
Key to Old Hroldan Inn 000695C7
more columns
Name ID
Key to Omluag's Room 000656E1
Key to Overseer's House 000656E8
Key to Pavo's House 0006565B
Key to Pavo's House 000BECD8
Key to Pelagius Farmhouse 000FE2B3
Key to Proudspire Manor 000A7B37
Key to Radiant Raiments 000C13F3
Key to Ranmir's House 0009E28F
Key to Riverwood Trader 00036A3F
Key to Robber's Cove 00078DC2
more columns
Name ID
Key to Romlyn Dreth's House 000F18F7
Key to Rustleif's House 0009DA39
Key to Salvius Farmhouse 00065661
Key to Severio Pelagia's House 00096573
Key to Skaggi's House 00065663
Key to Sleeping Giant Inn 00036A3E
Key to Solitude Blacksmith 000C13CF
Key to Solitude Cemetery 000C13DE
Key to Solitude Fletcher 000C13E7
Key to Solitude Lighthouse 000C13F0
more columns
Name ID
Key to Solitude Sawmill 000C13F6
Key to Solitude Stables 000C13F9
Key to Soljund's Miner's House 0006565A
Key to Sorli's House 0009E2A2
Key to Styrr's House 000C13FC
Key to Sven's House 00036A41
Key to Sylgja's House 000F18F9
Key to The Dead Man's Drink 000C139E
Key to The Mortar and Pestle 0009DA31
Key to Thonnir's House 0009E299
more columns
Name ID
Key to Traillus's House 00065659
Key to Ulfberth's House 00093B10
Key to Uthgerd the Unbroken's House 00093B11
Key to Vittoria Vici's House 000C1402
Key to Vlindrel Hall 00094391
Key to Warmaiden's 00093B12
Key to Weylin's Room 000D66F9
Key to Whiterun Stables 00093B0F
Key to Winking Skeever 000C1405
Key to Wintersand Manor 00093B14
more columns
Name ID
Key to Ysolda's House 00093B13
Key to the Abandoned House 00065673
Key to the Dibella Inner Sanctum 000656EE
Key to the Hag's Cure 00065678
Key to the Jarl's Longhouse 000C13A9
Key to the Nightgate Inn 00065658
Key to the Silver-Blood Inn 00065670
Key to the Temple of Dibella 000BD79C
Key to the Temple of the Divines 000C13FF
Key to the Windpeak Inn 000BECDE
more columns
Name ID
King Olaf's Treasury Key 00062893
Kornalus Frey's Key 0008E5D1
more columns
Name ID
Labyrinthian Crypt Key 00022896
Lemkil's House Key 0009E133
Liar's Retreat Cage Key 0001E30D
Lord Geirmund's Key 0003E694
Lost Knife Cage Key 00034C91
Lu'ah's Key 0003E4F2
Lumber Camp Key 000F49BE
Lylvieve House Key 000B8764
more columns
Name ID
Madanach's Key 000E17A8
Madesi's Market Key 000B8F42
Madesi's Market Key 000B8F43
Maluril's Room Key 0010BEFF
Mani's Cellar Key 0004811D
Marise's House Key 000FDEBD
Markarth Hall of the Dead Key 0007D94C
Maven's Personal Key 000FDEB8
Mercer's House Key 00072B05
Merilar Cage Door Key DR xx0297da
more columns
Name ID
Mistwatch Jail Key 00030B37
Mistwatch Key 000918C6
Mithorpa's House Key 000A035E
Morvayn Manor Key DR xx018450
Morwen's House Key DR xx018fad
Mzulft Key 0005DCB9
Mzulft Observatory Key 00057B66
Mzulft Room Key 000401F4
more columns
Name ID
Nightcaller Temple Key 000C6321
Nightgate Inn Cellar Key 000ED02D
Niranye's House Key 0009C86E
Northwatch Captain's Key 000CA5EB
Northwatch Keep Key 00027F7A
more columns
Name ID
Old Solitude Crypts Key 000648B6
Oslaf's House Key DR xx018f9f
more columns
Name ID
Pawned Prawn Key 000FDEB3
Pelagius Wing Key 0002AC70
Pinewatch Key 00044E78
Pinewatch Treasure Room Key 000786BA
Potema's Catacombs Key 0006B705
Potema's Sanctum Key 0001F147
Prison Cell Key 000B965D
more columns
Name ID
Raldbthar Key 000F232E
Rannveigs Fast Key 00051988
Raven Rock Jail Key DR xx034f97
Raven Rock Mine Key DR xx020a43
Raven Rock Temple Key DR xx018451
Raven Rock Tomb Key DR xx024e02
Ravenscar Hallow Cage Key 0003D26B
Red Eagle Tower Key 0009FD51
Red Wave Safe Key 00102EBA
Redwater Den Backrooms Key DG xx008e1f
more columns
Name ID
Redwater Wellspring Key DG xx008e20
Retching Netch Key DR xx018452
Riften Fishery Key 000FDEBF
Riften Jail Key 000FF787
Riften Jail Key 000612B8
Riften North Gate Key 000E6705
Riften Stables Key 000FDEC1
Riften Warehouse Key 00085D45
Romlyn's House Key 000FDEBC
Rorik's Manor Key 0009E131
more columns
Name ID
Ruunvald Key DG xx013833
more columns
Name ID
Sabine's Footlocker Key 000DC175
Sabjorn's Dresser Key 0005CDC6
Sadri's Used Wares Key 0009C86F
Sarthis's Key 00085D57
Severin Manor Key DR xx018456
Severin Manor Key DR xx03bd09
Severin Safe Key DR xx01f31e
Shaman's key 0003718E
Shroud Hearth Barrows Key 0006F88C
Sibbi's Chest Key 0003C514
more columns
Name ID
Sibbi's Stash Key 000B862F
Silus's Museum Key 000960F0
Skaal Greathall Key DR xx018fc7
Sluice Gate Key 00063B5D
Snow-Shod House Key 000FDEC0
Staff Enchanter Key DR xx03d23f
Syncope Sanctuary Key 0004C475
more columns
Name ID
Tel Mithryn Apothecary Key DR xx01bd05
Tel Mithryn Apothecary Key DR xx03369e
Tel Mithryn Kitchen Key DR xx01bd06
Tel Mithryn Kitchen Key DR xx03369f
Tel Mithryn Steward's Key DR xx0336a0
Temple of Miraak Key DR xx028930
The Scorched Hammer Key 000FDEBE
Trap Door Key 000E3F98
Treasure Room Key DR xx027663
Treva's Watch Prison Key 000F669B
more columns
Name ID
Tribute Chest Key 000F84CB
more columns
Name ID
Valindor's House Key 000FDEBB
Valthume Cellar Key 0004B6D2
Valthume Chamber Key 0004D6E2
Vendil Ulen's Chest Key DR xx0292a8
Verner and Anneke's House Key 0009C6FD
Viola Giordano's House Key 00056B90
more columns
Name ID
Werewolf Cage Key 000DB0E2
Whispering Door Key 00028D8B
White Phial Key 0009C872
Whiterun Gate Key 000D8F0C
Whiterun Jail Key 0005AEC4
Whiterun Jail Key DR xx027664
Windhelm Blacksmith Quarters Key 0009C865
Windhelm Jail Key 000FB90D
Windhelm Stables Key 0009C870
Wulf's House Key DR xx018fb0

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