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By the Grace of ALMSIVI, Lords and Rulers of All

His Grace, the Duke of Vvardenfell, hereby grants %PCName the right to build a stronghold and village of no more than fifty persons and of no more than 400 feet in any direction. %PCName may hire no more than 10 Men-At-Arms and retainers to defend the stronghold.

%PCName must protect the settlers who dwell within the bounds of the stronghold. %PCName must swear loyalty to the crown of His Grace, the Duke of Vvardenfell, and to ALMSIVI.

If %PCName does not abide by these terms, this contract is null and void and the rights to the stronghold reverts to His Grace, the Duke of Vvardenfell.

Seal of His Grace, Duke of Vvardenfell Duke Vedam Dren

Seal of the Vassal %PCName


  • %PCName is replaced by the name given to the Nerevarine by the player.


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