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Reader (Achievement) Contract
NPC Contract
Title: Contract
Full Title: Contract
Author: Radiant
Main article: Books (Skyrim)

Known locationsEdit

Received from the corpse of Hired Thug after being attacked by them.


Contract 1Edit

Here is the agreed upon amount. I expect you to faithfully carry out my request to teach a lesson to the thief <Player>. You need not kill her/him, but I have no qualms about it if you deem it necessary.

--(NPC Name)

Contract 2Edit

Here's the sum we agreed upon. I trust that you will make <Player> pay for killing my dear <NPC>. Return to me with proof of the deed.

If you run afoul of the law, I will pay your bounty.

--<NPC Name>

Possible employersEdit

The NPC is dependent on the theft or murder victim. These NPCs are confirmed to give this note, sometimes even after being killed. The children "Lars Battle-Born", "Skuli" and "Dorthe" are also capable of issuing this contract, and Paarthunax, whether it is a glitch or a joke on the developers part is left up to the Dragonborn.

See alsoEdit


  • If Anise puts up a contract against the Dragonborn, her hired thugs can kill her if they spawn at her shack.
  • Occasionally the theft contract will not have an NPC name attributed to it. Instead it will read, "--[..]" at the bottom where the name should be.
  • Sometimes, when reading a contract put against the Dragonborn after a number of days, the contract will only contain a couple of words. This bug also occurs for notes but not potion recipes.


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