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Contract: Kill Anoriath

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Contract: Kill Anoriath
Quest Giver Nazir
Location The Drunken Huntsmen
Prerequisite Sanctuary
Faction Dark Brotherhood
Type Contract
Quest ID DBSideContract08
Contract: Kill Anoriath is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Receive contract from Nazir
  • Kill Anoriath
  • Report to Nazir for reward


The quest starts when Nazir gives a contract for killing Anoriath to the Dragonborn as part of the Dark Brotherhood questline.

Shadowing Anoriath allows the Dragonborn to discover his daily patterns, which include the following:

  • At night, Anoriath goes to bed in a room in The Drunken Huntsmen in Whiterun.
  • During daylight hours, Anoriath is at one of the market stalls selling food items.
  • Sometimes Anoriath takes a hunting trip.


  • At night, Anoriath goes to bed in a room in The Drunken Huntsmen; however, as soon as the Dragonborn enters, Elrindir is wary and follows the Dragonborn, rendering him/her unable to get a silent kill. This may be avoided by moving fast enough. The Dragonborn can leave the door open until they are just about to kill him, then shut it and perform the kill, then quickly open it again to avoid the owner approaching to witness. Alternatively, sneaking in without being detected is possible. The Dragonborn can also go behind Elrindir until well hidden, then cast a Frenzy spell on Anoriath and let Elrindir do the work of killing him (which causes no bounty). It is also possible to wait until Anoriath makes a hunting trip, where he can be killed without guards to witness the deed.
  • The easiest way to kill Anoriath is by facing the steps next to his stall. A stream can be seen flowing alongside the steps. Following the right side of the stream all the way to where the steam starts allows Anoriath to be faced. There is cover available that allows the Dragonborn to stay hidden. Moving as far back as possible until "hidden" is shown allows the kill shot to be taken without being seen or gaining a bounty.
  • An easy way to kill him without incurring a bounty is to start by taking a position next to The Bannered Mare, on the north side of the building between it and some rocks. Then a bow can be used to shoot him in the back while he's at his stall. With a high enough sneak skill, this can be done without being witnessed, by simply stepping behind The Bannered Mare after firing an arrow to hide out of sight and avoid being seen. Note that there is a Guard Barracks nearby, so patrols may witness the deed while heading in or out. Alternatively, if the Dragonborn is Thane of Whiterun, he can just be killed, then the status as Thane can be used to make the guards cancel the bounty.
  • Another way is by talking to him and choosing the option "I am the predator and you are my prey." He will make a remark and then attack, and the guards won't care if he is killed after he strikes first. The guards might even kill him themselves. However, this method does not always work, because sometimes he won't attack, instead repeatedly remarking how "disturbing" you are.
  • With high sneak and decent pickpocket skills, it is possible to sneak in to the The Drunken Huntsman at night (using the entrance away from Elrindir's counter), thus avoiding initial detection and preventing Elrindir from following. It might be easier to first open the door to Anoriath's room, then leave the building and sneak back in to finish the job. The quietest way to then dispose of Anoriath is to reverse pickpocket a powerful poison onto him as he sleeps, using the poisoned perk. If one poison is not enough, more than one type of poison can be used at the same time, including a weakness to poison potion as well. After he has been poisoned, an Invisibility potion can be used (a potion is better than a spell since it is quiet) to slip out after he dies, never alerting Elrindir (or anyone else) in the process. This is more expensive than using 1 arrow, but it is a sure way to prevent all possible bounties.
  • Sneaking in while he is asleep using the door next to the bedroom (as above) also allows the Dragonborn to hide next to the other bed, then shoot him with an arrow, then sneak out again. Alternatively, with the Assassin's Blade perk, a single hit with a dagger while he's sleeping will do the job.
  • Note: Performing this task while a "Numbers Job" quest for the Thieves Guild targeting The Drunken Huntsman is active, will cause that quest to fail. Any such quest must therefore be completed and redeemed before making the kill.


Reporting the success to Nazir will grant the promised reward (750 GoldIcon).


I am the predator. You are my prey. "Is that so? We shall see, villain. We shall see!"

Only cowards hunt animals. True game walks on two legs. "Are you... threatening me? Walk away fool. It's not worth it."

(Remain silent) "Well now, you are a strange one. You remind me a bit of myself, when I'm stalking a deer. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that..."

The first option will make him hostile, the other two will end the conversation. Upon rewarding you with leveled gold, Nazir will remark, "Ah, so the hunter came to know the fear of the hunted, hmm?"


Journal Entry

I must kill the archer Anoriath, who can usually be found at his food stall in Whiterun, or hunting in the plains outside the city. I may use any means at my disposal. When I am done, I am to report back to Nazir at the Sanctuary and collect my reward.

  • Objective: Kill Anoriath
  • Objective: Report back to Nazir

Anoriath is dead, and I have collected my reward from Nazir at the Sanctuary.

  • Quest complete


  • If Anoriath is killed while in his bedroom at The Drunken Huntsman, Amren may enter the room, saying: "What's done, is done."
  • Elrindir may say "Something you need, you miserable wretch?" when trying to purchase something from him after killing Anoriath.


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