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The charts below represent the default control schemes for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Control Xbox 360 PS3 PC
Look Stick right Stick right Mouse
Move Stick left Stick left W, A, S, D
Jump Button y PS3 Triangle SPACE
Dodge Trigger left+Button y PS3 L1+PS3 Triangle Right Click+E
Sneak Stick left Stick left CTRL
Stick left
Pushed Up
Stick left
Pushed Up
Toggle Run (PC Only) (PC Only) Caps Lock

Control Xbox 360 PS3 PC
Attack Trigger right PS3 R1 Left Click
Cast Bumper right PS3 R2 C
Ready Weapon Button x PS3 Square F
Block Trigger left PS3 L1 Right Click+Alt
Yield Trigger left+Button a PS3 L1+PS3 Cross Right Click+Space

Control Xbox 360 PS3 PC
Activate Button a PS3 Cross E
Grab Bumper left PS3 L2 Z
Change View Stick right Stick right TAB
Vanity View Stick right (Hold) Stick right (Hold) TAB (Hold)
Open Journal
Button b
PS3 Circle J
Open Journal (PC Only) (PC Only) F1-F4
Hotkeys All D-Pad Directions All D-Pad Directions 1-8
Button back
PS3 select T
Button start
Button start Esc
Quick Save (PC Only) (PC Only) F5
Quick Load (PC Only) (PC Only) F9

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