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Controls can be altered in the settings menu by pressing the ESC key. These are the default controls.

Xbox One PS4 PC
Attack Trigger right (Hold for Heavy Attack) PS3 R2 (Hold for Heavy Attack) Left Mouse Button (Hold for Heavy Attack)
Block Trigger left (Press RT while holding to Bash) PS3 L2(Press R2 while holding to Bash) Right Mouse Button. Click Left Mouse Button while holding to Bash.
Sprint Stick left (Hold) Stick left (Hold) Shift
Swap Weapon D-Pad Left D-Pad Left Apostrophe (')
Ultimate Ability Bumper right + Bumper left PS3 R1 + PS3 L1 R
Move Stick left Stick left W A S D
Look Stick right Stick right Mouse
Sneak (toggle) Stick right (Press) Stick right (Press) Ctrl
Toggle Third/First Person D-Pad Down D-Pad Down Mouse Wheel
Interact Button a PS3 Cross E
Map View Button (Left of Xbox Button) Press Touchpad M
Cycle Quest D-Pad Right D-Pad Right T
Menu Menu Button (Right of the Xbox button) Options Button Alt (Esc for Game Menu)
Draw/Sheathe Weapon D-Pad Left (Hold) D-Pad Left (Hold) Z
Jump Button a PS3 Cross Space
Dodge Trigger left + Button a PS3 L2 + PS3 Cross Double-tap any movement key.
Quickslot Menu D-Pad Up (Hold) D-Pad Up (Hold) Q (Hold)
Ability 1 Button x PS3 Square 1
Ability 2 Button y PS3 Triangle 2
Ability 3 Button b PS3 Circle 3
Ability 4 Bumper left PS3 L1 4
Ability 5 Bumper right PS3 R1 5
Use Synergy Stick left + Stick right Stick left + Stick right X
Enter Chat (Keyboard Required) Enter (Keyboard Required) Enter Enter
Emote Keyboard Required, see right Keyboard Required, see right In chat, type / and a command afterwards, for example, /dance will cause your character to dance.
Summon Horse Hold View Button (Left of Xbox button) Hold Touchpad H
Take Screenshot N/A Share Button Print Screen

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