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Default ControlsEdit

Controls can be altered in the settings menu. These are the default ones.

Menu Xbox PS3 PC
Left hand 40px-Trigger left

40px-PS3 L1

M2 (right)
Right hand 40px-Trigger right 40px-PS3 R1 M1 (left)
Sprint 40px-Bumper left 40px-PS3 L2 Alt
Shout/Power 40px-Bumper right 40px-PS3 R2 Z
Move 40px-Stick left 40px-Stick left W A S D
Look 40px-Stick right 40px-Stick right Mouse
Sneak (toggle)

40px-Stick left (Press)

40px-Stick left (Press)


Toggle Third/First Person

40px-Stick right (Press)

(When on a horse Press and hold 40px-Stick right and move 40px-Stick left up or down to adjust the camera angle forward and backward)

40px-Stick right (Press)


Toggle Walk/Run N/A N/A Caps Lock
Wait 40px-Button back 40px-PS3 select T
Journal 40px-Button start 40px-PS3 start J
Activate 40px-Button a 40px-PS3 Cross E
Character Menu 40px-Button b 40px-PS3 Circle Tab
Ready 40px-Button x 40px-PS3 Square R
Jump/Rear 40px-Button y 40px-PS3 Triangle Space
Pick Up 40px-Button a (Held) 40px-PS3 Cross (Held) E (Held)
Favorites D-Pad U/D D-Pad U/D Q
Quick Keys

D-Pad L/R (Under Favorites Menu, Hold to assign)

D-Pad L/R (Hold to assign) 1-8

Quick Keys and dual WieldingEdit

Xbox - To assign a Quick Key on the Xbox 360;

  1. Add the spell or weapon to the favorites menu,
  2. Open the favorites menu (Using D-Pad U/D)
  3. Highlight the item to be used on a quick key
  4. Hold the D-Pad Left or D-Pad Right button until a number appears next to the item selected (1 and 2 for the respective buttons)


Press the quick key a second time to dual-wield spells Spells will default to the left hand, Weapons to the right one.

Melee WeaponsEdit

Melee Weapons can't be dual-wielded using quick keys. Unless it's a stackable weapon, pressing the quick key a second time will only replace for the previous weapon.

Some enchanted weapons are stackable at first but if the charge levels become different they cease to be stackable and the quick keys can no longer be used for dual-wielding.


Bows are unsheathed, equipped, and sheathed, unequipped, as other weapons - by pressing the sheath/unsheath button (default, R, on PCs). To remove an arrow from a loaded bow without shooting it, press the sheath/unsheath weapon button. Hold down the right hand button to ready an arrow; how far the arrow will go - how far back the string is drawn - is determined by how long the right mouse-button is held (up to some maximum which appears to be a few seconds holding - this may be dependent on Marksman level). The arrow will be shot in a trajectory similar to that of a thrown baseball. The arrow goes upwards a little bit for some distance, and then comes back down. The trajectory of the arrow depends on the weight of the bow.

For people that have one, here is a link to the Kinect Voice Commands. Kinect

Third Person Camera ControlEdit

  •  360   PS3   The camera can be controlled by holding down the right analog stick and moving the left analog stick.
  •  PC   The zoom is controlled by the scroll wheel.


  •  PC   version allows for Screenshots of the game; the Print Screen key is usually found on the top right hand section of the keyboard. (If you are a Mac user, instead press: Apple key ⌘ + Shift + 3 then release. This tool gives you a screenshot of Skyrim). The files are labeled Screenshot#.bmp, and written in a deeply buried subdirectory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim, for example. Using a Find tool for Screenshot*.* can help locate the files. Any simple graphics program, such as Paint, can then be used to edit and save as PNG files for common usage - as, for instance, writing and editing in this wiki. PS3 and Xbox 360 players can't take screenshots without a capture card.
  •  PC   An easier method is to use the Ctrl + Print Screen command to create a Screenshot on the "Clipboard" which can then be pasted into any program using the Ctrl + V (paste) command.
  •  PC   version has built in Xbox 360 controller support, allowing for those with the Xbox 360 Common Controller to seamlessly transition between Mouse and Keyboard and a Controller.

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