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Corpselight Farm

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Farmsicon Corpselight Farm
TESV Corpselight Farm
TESV Corpselight Farm Local
Hold Falkreath Hold
Location Falkreath
Type Farm
Quests Ill Met by Moonlight
Characters Mathies Caerellia, Indara Caerellia
Location ID FalkreathCorpselightFarm

Corpselight Farm is a farm in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Corpselight Farm is an unmarked point of interest in Falkreath. Its owners are Mathies Caerellia and Indara Caerellia. The crops outside can be harvested without stealing and then sold to the farm's owners; doing this counts towards becoming thane of Falkreath. The door has a Novice lock, and both of the owners have a key.



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