"Well, look at you! I'm impressed! The last person House Dres sent over was so much more... scruffy. I have a meeting with House Hlaalu shortly, but I think I can spare a few more moments for you. To seal our partnership, you understand."
―Councilor Dolvara[src]

Councilor Dolvara is a Dunmer councilor of House Redoran, residing in Arenim Manor on Vvardenfell.


[Persuade] I'd love to spend some time with you! First, why don't you tell me about Ulran Releth? "The noble's banished son? Why does House Dres care about that? Never mind. Anything so we can get to the good stuff. Ulran was tested and found wanting. Chose the life of a savage over his own soldier. We stripped him of his rank and exiled him."

[Persuade] Who tested Ulran? And who killed him? "Ulran's dead? Hmm. I hadn't heard. As to who was behind the test of Ulran's loyalty, what does that matter? He failed and paid the price for his poor choices. What does all this have to do with our arrangement?"
[Persuade] Oh, nothing. I was just curious. Now, weren't we about to get to know each other a little better?


A Purposeful WritEdit

Councilor Dolvara has been a stiff opposer to the Morag Tong. Naryu Virian thinks that it be best to kill her, but before the event is done, the Vestige questions her about Veya Releth's brother, and who killed him.