"Blessed Mara, why is this happening! What did we do to deserve this trouble?"
―Councilor Donella[src]

Councilor Donella is a Breton residing in Crosswych, Glenumbra. She can be found in her house


Legitimate InterestsEdit

The Red Rook Bandits have taken control of the town Crosswych. Some of the townsfolk are trying to organize a resistance, but the bandits are determined to use the town as a base.


Show: Legitimate Interests

"Blessed Mara, why is this happening? What did we do to deserve this trouble? You better go. They'll be back at any moment to demand more gold from me."

I'm here to help. You need to convince the townsfolk to follow Tamien Sellan. "Are you mad? Sallan wants the people to rise up and fight. That would be suicide! Still, the Red Rooks harass me every day, demanding more and more gold. Oh, no! I think I hear them now."

I don't hear anything. If you stand up to them, you'll set an example for the rest of the town. "You probably think I'm just foolish, imagining Red Rooks around every corner. But those nasty bandits are rude, greedy, and dangerous. I don't want to end up poor and destitute."
Tamien Sellan wants to help. So do I. But we need you to do your part. "Your willingness to help shames me. You're right. I must be strong if we are ever to feel safe again. I'll find a way to help you and Sellan. I can spread the word that we're going to fight back."
Show: Crosswych

After the quest Crosswych Reclaimed has been completed:

"Thanks for reminding me of my duty. I'll make certain this never happens again."

How is everything in Crosswych now? "It is a great pity that Heseph was killed. He was a good man and an able administrator. I think Lia wants to be a mayor. Not sure how I feel about that."

Would that be a bad thing? "Oh, I suppose someone has to be mayor. If you ask me, she's too busy making doe-eyes at that Tamien Sellan to run the town."