Not to be confused with Keeper Cirion.
"Was my sin so great that I must suffer for all eternity?"
―Count Cirion[src]

Cirion quote

Count Cirion was an Altmer noble who resided in the Shivering Isles.

Cirion was the ruler of Vitharn until it fell to a group of invaders due to the incompetence of the defenders and Cirion's cowardice. Sheogorath cursed the ghosts of the inhabitants to re-live their last moments forever. His wife is Countess Cirion.

The Hero can find Cirion's ghost in the ruins of Vitharn.


Ghosts of VitharnEdit

Years ago, the fortress of Vitharn was attacked and overrun by invading fanatics. Upon his death, Count Cirion was visited by Sheogorath who cursed him and the rest of the fort's inhabitants for their cowardice and miserably poor defense. Lord Sheogorath forced them to relive their last moments forever.