"The High King is a wise man, which is why I supported him, and not the mad king, Ranser. We all have the ability to make our own decisions. Long ago, I decided to live in peace with the mortal world, not feast upon it."
―Count Verandis Ravenwatch[src]

Verandis Ravenwatch is an Altmer Vampire, one of the counts of Rivenspire, Ruler of Crestshade, and Lord of Ravenwatch Castle.


Count Verandis Ravenwatch once served as court wizard to House Montclair.


Shornhelm DividedEdit

The Vestige enters the castle and encounters Varendis and Gwendis feeding. He reveals to them that he is a vampire.

Dream-Walk Into DarknessEdit

Upon entering the castle, Verandis asks the Vestige to drink a potion that would allow the latter to explore the former's repressed memories. Baron something asks Verandis to use his vampire powers to turn the former's wife into a vampire so that she can be immortal and live forever. Verandis tries to save some Baron's dying wife and wife turns into nasty little bloodfiend in which Verandis puts down.

The Blood-Splattered ShieldEdit

The Concealing VeilEdit

Northpoint in PerilEdit

The Liberation of NorthpointEdit

Puzzle of the PassEdit

The Lightless RemnantEdit


  • In a dialogue he mentions that it was Molag Bal who turned him into a vampire, meaning he is a pure-blooded vampire.