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Wylandriah, the Court Wizard to Jarl Laila Law-Giver of Riften.

Court Wizards, also called Court Mages, are the primary advisors of the Jarls of Skyrim and Counts of Cyrodiil on all things mystical and magical. Whenever a hold or city faces a threat from a magical source, such as necromancy, or vampires, the Jarl or Count consults his or her Court Wizard. In Skyrim, Court Wizards also serve as merchants of spell tomes for the Dragonborn. Each hold, excluding Falkreath, Morthal, and Winterhold, has its own Court Wizard, while all the major cities of Cyrodiil, excluding Skingrad, have Court Wizards.

Court WizardsEdit


Court Wizard City
Fathis Aren Bravil
Chanel Chorrol
Baeralorn Anvil
Ulene Hlervu Cheydinhal
Tsavi Leyawiin
Gan Luseph Bruma


Court Wizard City
Madena Dawnstar
Calcelmo Markarth
Wylandriah Riften
Sybille Stentor Solitude
Farengar Secret-Fire Whiterun
Wuunferth the Unliving Windhelm


Some Quests include fetching and giving items to other people, such as Merchants, Jarls, and Guards. Most Quests can be found by the Court Wizard in Major Cities.




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