Not to be confused with Daggerfall Covenant.

The Covenant was an agreement between Akatosh, the Lord of the Aedra, and Alessia, the leader of the newly-freed human population of Cyrodiil.

The following is quoted of the Covenant in the Trials of St. Alessia:

Akatosh drew from his breast a burning handful of his Heart's blood, and he gave it into Alessia's hand, saying, 'This shall also be a token to you of our joined blood and pledged faith. So long as you and your descendants shall wear the Amulet of Kings, then shall this dragonfire burn -- an eternal flame -- as a sign to all men and gods of our faithfulness. So long as the dragonfires shall burn, to you, and to all generations, I swear that my Heart's blood shall hold fast the Gates of Oblivion.