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Cow Skyrim
Basic Info
Level 3
Health-icon 87
MagickaIcon 0
Stamina 33
Soul Size Petty
Base ID 00023A90
For cows in Daggerfall, see Cow (Daggerfall).
"The cow is one of Skyrim's most common domestic animals. It provides the native Nords with meat, milk, and furs."
― Loading Screen

Cows are large, docile, domesticated animals which are common throughout Skyrim, especially on farms. The Nords of Skyrim use them as a source of meat and milk; however, it's impossible to get milk directly from a cow. With Hearthfire, jugs of milk will spawn in the Dragonborn's homestead, but only if a cow has been bought, and a kitchen wing has been built. There is a moderate bounty for attacking a cow, which can be as low as 5 GoldIcon and as high as 100 GoldIcon.



  • The cow used in the game is based on the real life Highland Cow.
  • Cows, like other docile animals, can be witnesses to crimes.
  • Cows are sometimes given as gifts to giants, and are led by their owners (farmers), to keep them from attacking villages. These cows have runes painted on their bodies, which the farmers claim serves as a sign of peaceful intent, and to show that they're giving them the animal willingly.
    • Giants may be seen walking with these painted cows along roads toward their camps.
  • Cows can be seen chasing farmers until either the cow or the farmer is killed.
  • Although the loading screen incorrectly states the cow to be one of the most common creatures in Skyrim, they are actually relatively rare.
  • If killed, witnesses will say how the animal is important.
  • In Skyrim's Hearthfire DLC, attacks on houses can kill cows; however, another cow can be bought to replace the last.


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