Cradle Stone Tower is a solitary ruin found west of Lost Valley Redoubt and Bard's Leap Summit. This location is home to a solitary hagraven on the second floor.


The bottom level of this tower has a locked novice gate. Inside, there is a table with a leveled helmet, and a novice or apprentice locked chest to the right down the stairs amongst the rubble. The second floor houses a hagraven. The skill book Sithis is opposite the door next to the linen wrap and troll skull.

On the third level, there is a pressure plate on the landing at the top of the stairs that triggers a soul gem (lightning). At the top of the tower is a bird's nest.

Just outside of the tower is a corundum ore vein next to the spiked barricade. Southwest from the corundum ore vein, there is an iron ore vein in the distance.

Notable itemsEdit