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A Dunmer using the Enchanting Station

For other uses, see Crafting.

Crafting is one of many different skills that exist in The Elder Scrolls Online. There are several different crafting professions to choose from with crafting, including: 

Crafting StationsEdit

All characters will be able to take part in all professions immediately without any training. Necessary tools such as pickaxes and fishing rods are built in to the character.


Some raw materials need to be converted into craftable ingredients. To do this, they need to be extracted. Materials can only be extracted in stacks of ten, e.g. ten iron ore.

Style MaterialsEdit

Main article: Style Materials

Style Materials are stones that can be purchased from any crafting vendor which determine the style of a crafted armor or weapon. In the beginning, the Vestige can craft items only using their own race style. Other styles however can be unlocked using recipes found through out the game.

Crafted Item SetsEdit

Main article: Crafted Item Set

Crafted Item Sets can be made by blacksmithing, clothing and woodworking and gives special bonuses to the weapon or armor crafted. Crafting these requires that the player has researched a few different traits already but does not affect which bonuses are given to the set. To gain the bonuses, the vestige must wear a given number of set pieces (often three pieces). These sets can only be crafted in certain locations scattered around the world, and different bonuses are found at different crafting stations.

Dye StationsEdit

Main article: Dye Station

Visit a dye station and interact with it to dye any piece of armor that you own. Use the special dye tools to create and apply custom color sets. Use the eye dropper tool to pick colors from previously dyed gear, and apply that color elsewhere. Paint Bucket Tool applies the dye you’ve selected to the corresponding color area of every piece of gear you have equipped.

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