Blacksmith Survey Grahtwood

A Blacksmith Survey for Grahtwood

Crafting Surveys, also called Survey Reports, are maps that lead to a certain location where the Vestige can find a considerable amount of crafting materials.

Crafting Surveys can be obtained as rewards for completing Crafting Writs. However, they are found inside containers given after completing these quests rather than being direct rewards themselves.

Crafting surveys are attached to the level of the Crafting Writ that gave them as a reward. As these writs have to be delivered in a certain region, the surveys they provide will lead to a location in this same region.

Only one Crafting Writ of each type can be held in the player's inventory at the same time. A situation might happen in which several Crafting Writs are completed, giving the Vestige one or more crafting containers with the same type of Crafting Surveys inside them, when one Crafting Survey of this type already exists in the inventory. If this happens, it will be impossible to loot the other Crafting Surveys inside the containers until the one that is kept in the inventory is eliminated or used.

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