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"What brings you to this trashpit?"
―Crafty Lerisa[src]

Crafty Lerisa is a Breton pirate and captain of the Maiden, who is stranded on the island of Stros M'Kai. She is found alongside her pet monkey, Howler.

Lerisa is one of three characters that Captain Kaleen requests to help her on a heist she has planned. She will help if the Vestige helps her crew mates.


Like Moths to a CandleEdit

Lerisa can be found only from being contacted by a passerby while on the way to Saintsport where her ship is docked, or by talking to Kaleen about who else to recruit. The informant will then explain that Lerisa's pet monkey should be located so that eventually the pirate can be found.

Furthermore, it appears that Lerisa's crew has been held captive by Captain Helane whom leads the Sea Drakes and Lerisa refuses to leave until her crew has been rescued. The crew can be rescued by obtaining a Sea Drake Disguise and by using stealth.

Once Lerisa's crew has been rescued, she will want to take vengeance on Captain Helane by disguising herself and poisoning Helane. Despite not necessarily agreeing with Kaleen's political values, Lerisa joins her crew in an attempt of inheriting some income to fund a new vessel.

Carzog's DemiseEdit

The investigations of the Bloodthorn Cult's activities have convinced Chief Tazgol that they threaten the Orcs on Betnikh. Lambur is leading the way to Carzog's Demise ruin to investigate them.

On to GlenumbraEdit

After the actions made in the previous quest, Chief Tazgol has been convinced to join the Daggerfall Covenant. He ordered Captain Kaleen to sail to Daggerfall.


Crafty Lerisa can later be found on Kaleen's ship in Wayrest Docks along with part of her crew. If the Vestige interacts with her, they will know what she has been up to since leaving Betnikh and Stros M'Kai.


Show: Enrick's Public House

"Decided to take me up on that offer if a drink? Good! I don't mind drinking alone, but I could use the company. Besides, Howler just gets mean when he's had a few mugs of ale."

So how have things been since you replied the Maiden's Breath? "Wonderful. Telonil's done a remarkable job in growing our fortune, Haerdon and Mekag are in fighting shape, and patrols have grown sparse since the war in Cyrodiil. I've got nothing against Captain Kaleen, mind you, but a woman needs her own ship."

Is Jakarn still pursuin you? "Not that I'd ever kiss and tell, my dear, but if nothing else, I remain amused by his advances. Do you know he memorized a book of Redguard poetry and quoted it at me? That was almost charming. And of course, there was the trained monkey."

Trained monkey? "It wore an adorable hat and clutched a wrapped gift. Perhaps Jakarn thought that since I enjoy Howler's company, the way to my heart was thought a monkey. Howler chased the creature off, so I have no idea what was in the box."

You seem all right with your sister disappearing again. "It's what we do. She'll come back when she gets bored of she needs something. She always does. Howler's a bit disappointed he didn't get more time with her, but he'll get over it. Nothing a few dozen mugs of ale won't cure."



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