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"A selection of mainly Ra Gada-inspired cross-cultural bedroom furnishings, ideal for Earthtear Cavern. The screens and tapestries are especially appropriate for Earthtear's “open" plan."
―Crown Store Showcase[src]

The Craglorn Multicultural Bedroom Pack is a homestead furnishing pack for The Elder Scrolls Online available on the Crown Store.


This bundle contains the following:

  • Ram Horns, Mounted
  • Redguard Armchair, Slatted (2x)
  • Redguard Bed, Full Arched
  • Redguard Candelabra, Twisted
  • Redguard Chair, Lattice (2x)
  • Redguard Chandelier, Polshed Grated
  • Redguard Divider, Gilded
  • Redguard Divider, Lattice
  • Redguard Footlocker, Bolted
  • Redguard Pillow Roll, Sands
  • Redguard Pillow, Florid Sands
  • Redguard Pillow, Oasis
  • Redguard Pillow, Sunset
  • Redguard Table, Game
  • Redguard Table, Oasis
  • Redguard Tapestry, Lattice
  • Redguard Throw Pillow, Oasis (2x)
  • Redguard Trunk, Garish
  • Redguard Vanity, Bolted
  • Redguard Wardrobe, Braced