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Cragwallow Slope

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Cave  Cragwallow Slope
Cragwallow Slope
Hold Eastmarch
Location Southeast of Windhelm
South of Narzulbur
North west of Mzulft
North East of Steamcrag Camp
Directly East of Witchmist Grove
Type Cave
Quests Queen Freydis's Sword
Arniel's Endeavor
The Forgemaster's Fingers
Enemies Conjurers
Flame Atronachs
Frost Atronachs
Storm Atronachs
Location ID CragwallowSlope01
For the location in The Elder Scrolls Online, see Cragwallow.

Cragwallow Slope is a cave occupied by conjurers, flame atronachs, and mages. There is one sitting outside of this small cave at a table that frequently runs off in pursuit of wildlife nearby (making fast travel coming out difficult). There is often a dragon flying overhead.

The Conjurers in the cave are leveled and can quickly swarm. Between them and their conjured creatures it is not advisable to rush in too quickly. There are also free roaming atronachs.

In addition to the plethora of soul gems in the cave, there is also a skill book in the second to last room on a table. There are also two alchemy labs and an arcane enchanter in this cave.

Related questsEdit

  • The cave is the target of a miscellaneous quest given by Oengul to retrieve Queen Freydis's Sword, which he is attempting to replicate when the Dragonborn speaks with him. The sword is nothing special, (it appears to be a steel sword). The reward is free Smithing training. The sword is not present if the cave is cleared before receiving the quest, but will appear when the quest is activated.
  • The cave can also be the destination for the second part of Arniel's Endeavor.
  • It can be the location of The Forgemaster's Fingers in the quest The Forgemaster's Fingers.
  • This cave may be the location for the Dawnguard quest Rescue.
  • It may also be the destination for a miscellaneous quest given by Roggi of Kynesgrove to find his ancestral shield. In return, Roggi will teach you some of his family's shield techniques.
  • One of the Totems of Hircine may be found here.


  • A vein of corundum ore can be found behind the table where the book was.

Notable itemsEdit


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