The Crazed Mercenary is a Knight Order quest available during the events of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. Having joined a Knight Order and gained some reputation, the Agent is sent to kill an Orc Warlord.


After completing several quests for one of the ten Knight Orders of the Iliac Bay, the Agent will be accepted into said Order. From that point on they will have to make their way up the internal rank ladder to gain more lucrative and noteworthy quests, to improve their reputation.



Having gained a small amount of reputation within a joined Knight Order, the Agent will be told of a "crazed, orc mercenary," recently reported to the Order. The local Quester of the Order states that the orc, a Warlord, has been conspiring with a group of mages to destroy the region. The Agent is duly sent to end their evil plans by killing the Warlord.

The Warmongering WarlordEdit

The Warlord is said to be lurking in a local dungeon, building up a sizeable force of orcs to enact the mages' plan. The Agent must enter the specified dungeon and battle their way through this Orcish army, as well as the usual set of dungeon based creatures and enemies. The Warlord itself can be found somewhere within, and is the only orc in need of slaying.

Once the Warlord has been killed, the Agent must escape from the dungeon and return to the Quester before the time limit expires to complete the quest.


The Agent will not receive any physical reward for completing the quest successfully, but will instead get a huge boost to their reputation within the region. The penalties for failing the quest remain true to a usual quest:

Faction Reputation
Knight Order +5
Specific Knight Order +15
Region +10
Nobles of Region +5
Peasant of Region +5
Other Factions +5
Faction Reputation
Knight Order -2
Specific Knight Order -2


Crazed Orc Mercenary - b0b10y04
IDJournal Entry
0 [Date]:

[Quester's name] of [knightly order] in [town] wants me to stop an Orc warlord bent on destroying [region]. The orc lives in a hole called [dungeon] with his troops. I have [x] days to deal with this threat and return to [knightly order].

  • Quest accepted


  • An alternative questline involving the Warlord is contained within the questfile, but was never implemented.
  • The number of Orcs encountered increases massively the longer the Agent spends in the target dungeon, up to a maximum of:
    • Orc - 200
    • Orc Sergeant - 50
    • Orc Shaman - 20
  • NPCs will make a variety of comments referencing the quest when asked for any news:
    • Acceptance:
      • [Dungeon] is a perfect location for the orcs to gather -- it's so remote."

"The orcs and the renegade mages are planning something horrible for [region]."

    • Success:
      • "The orcs have left [dungeon] suddenly. Their leader was sick or even dead."
      • "[Region] was saved by the sacrifice of a brave and resourceful [player's race] mercenary."
    • Failure:
      • "The land has been cursed by the mages. It may be war, plague, famine, or all."
      • "No one could do anything to stop the unholy alliance of orc and mage."