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Basic Info
Level 5
Health-icon 60
MagickaIcon 100
Fatigue 400
Soul 10
Spells/Abilities Immune to normal weapons
Combat Skills 60
Magic Skills 30
Stealth Skills 40
DamageIcon 20
BaseID scamp_creeper
"Don't want to work. Just want to bang on my drum. What's a scamp gotta do?"

Creeper is a Daedra Scamp in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Creeper is one of the two merchant creatures found in Morrowind, the other being the Mudcrab Merchant , and lives in Ghorak Manor in Caldera. He has 5.000 gold in stock, making him the NPC with the second most gold available. He will buy nearly everything except for ingredients, clothes, and lights (candles, torches, lanterns, etc.).


  • By casting Mark in front of Creeper, the player may return quickly with Recall when over-encumbered and sell excess goods. The main drawback to using this technique is Creeper's limited funds.
    • Creeper's gold stock resets every 24 hours, so it's possible to just wait until the gold reset to sell more items
  • An alternative to selling excess goods to Creeper, the player may safely drop them near Creeper's location, and they will remain there until needed.


  • "I'm creeping!"
  • "Hello Caldera!!! I'm here all week!"
  • "Help me out. I need the money."
  • "C' a scamp out. You gotta need something. I've got booze...."
  • "Don't want to work. Just want to bang on my drum. What's a scamp gotta do?"


  • The player can kill the Orcs surrounding him, and Creeper will not become hostile. In most cases, however, the Orcs are not hostile, so there is no reason to kill them.
  • Creeper is actually Barbas, the hound of Clavicus Vile. In Oblivion, Barbas says "For a while I was a scamp, making deals with Orcs".
  • Orcish armor may be found in the crates behind Creeper.
  • Creeper is second only to the Mudcrab Merchant in the amount of gold he has available for trade.


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