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For other uses, see Crime.

A crime is an act that breaks the law, which—if caught committing one by a guard—will incur a bounty scaled to the severity of the crime. The Nerevarine has the option to go to jail, pay a fine or resist arrest, although a guard with a high enough disposition can lower or even remove a bounty.

The game does not indicate if the Nerevarine is committing a crime, or indicate stolen items in the Nerevarine's inventory.


Attempting to, or successfully picking a lock to a character's property incurs a bounty of 15 GoldIcon. Trespassing a civilian's house is a bounty of 50 GoldIcon but doing so to property of authority (e.g. guard barracks) causes a 100 GoldIcon bounty.


If the Nerevarine is caught stealing an item that belongs to a character (although what items are property is down to common sense, as a result of the game not specifying what is property) a bounty according to the value of the stolen item(s) is incurred.


An unprovoked attack on a peaceful character will usually give a bounty of 40 GoldIcon, although attacking guards causes a bounty of 60 GoldIcon, and higher authority (Royalty, Captains) 80 GoldIcon.


Being caught killing a peaceful character incurs a bounty of 1,000 GoldIcon, no matter who the victim is.

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