Cronvangr Cave is a cave located just south of Riverside Shack, and north of Eldergleam Sanctuary (south-southwest of Windhelm and west of Bonestrewn Crest or directly east of Mixwater Mill). It is easily noticed by the Spider Egg sacks outside and a dead mammoth caught in the web.


Inside the entrance, a path leads east, then turns south to a room with six Frostbite Spiders. There are two exits from the first room. One is obvious, to the south southwest, and is covered in spider webs, (leading to spider room). The other is on the opposite (north) side of the room and is activated by a brown button in a square frame near the fake rock door. This door leads to the cottage room.

Just behind the door is a floor tile fire trap. The cottage room itself is a circular room with a cottage in the northwest part of the room on a ledge. There are three leveled vampires guarding the cottage. In the lower part of the room is the corpse of a Dark Elf surrounded by candles.

Inside the cottage, several of the vampires may be sleeping. There is the corpse of a Breton on a table, an apothecary's satchel on a barrel near the table, and a chest next to one of the beds. There is also a Lockpicking skill book The Locked Room on another table.

Behind (west of) the cottage there are an alchemy lab, an arcane enchanter, and an adept-locked chest.

The other exit from the first room leads to a room with eight spiders, and a long spiral plunge into the earth. Near the next hallway that leads east to Cronvangr Broodlair, there is a pool of water. A small chest is at the bottom on the southeastern side of the pool.


Cronvangr BroodlairEdit

This lair is a sublocation for the cave. The path starts to the north, then turns right (east), where two spiders are patrolling the path. The path turns south, where a chest can be found behind a dense web. The path continues up to the west, then north, then west again, where it opens into a large room containing the spider nest. There is a Giant Frostbite Spider guarding a chest in the nesting room, along with three normal spiders. On the left side of the chest is a Moonstone Ore vein. Another exit from the room leads north, then turns west, and leads back to the cave (actually leads to a ledge above the first room of the cave).


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