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For other uses, see Cropsford.

Cropsford is a half-built settlement found along a small offshoot of the Yellow Road in the Nibenay Basin. There are supplies scattered about and it seems apparent the builders left in a hurry. It is involved in the quest "Goblin Trouble" (acquired at Crestbridge Camp).

After the quest is completed, the three settlers will move their tents to Cropsford and ask you to check back in a month or so. Mirisa, her work done, will head for the Imperial Bridge Inn (though since the quest is finished she is no longer essential and can be killed before making it to the inn)

Cropsford is built slowly with an addition every three to five days. First, the house of Barthel's daughter and son-in-law is built, followed by Barthel's House, and finally a small fence with a small patch of corn stalks appears and two wheat stalks grow near the corner of one house.



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