Not to be confused with Crosswych Wood.
"Straddling the mountainous border pass marking the end of Glenumbra and the beginning of Stormhaven, Crosswych makes much of its gold from the travelers passing back and forth between the two most populous regions of High Rock."
Ansur Belote[src]

Crosswych is a significant town located on the borders of Glenumbra and Stormhaven, deep within the King's Guard Mountains in the north. Crosswych is a trading town that makes money from passersby and the Iron Ore mined from the local mine.

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Crosswych, as mentioned before, is located on the edge of the two most populous region in High Rock. The town was built near a large Iron Ore deposit located just north of town by a man known as Pinifred Lode-Finger. Crosswych is built in a small valley with a small basin going through the town. The local manor is built on a hill overlooking Crosswych and the road leading to Koeglin Village and the Fiefdom of Alcaire. The mine is equal in size to the town and was dug well deep into the ground. The closest settlement to Crosswych is Koeglin and the distant city of Dwynnen.


First EraEdit

The town of Crosswych was founded in the 24th year of the First Era by a man named Pinifred Lode-Finger. The settlement itself was founded after the mine was making commercial success in Greater Bretony. Many followed Lode-Finger in his pursuit to sell the large amounts of Iron Ore in the mountains.[1]

Second EraEdit

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During the Interregnum in 2E 582, the Bloodthorn Cult of the Reach waged war with the Bretons of Glenumbra to destroy and corrupt the Daggerfall Covenant to their bidding. The war had officially ended when the leader of the Cult, Angof the Gravesinger was killed deep within in the ruins of Cath Bedraud. Amidst the war, the Red Rooks led attacks on several Glenumbran settlements such as a group of estates just south of Aldcroft and the Mines of Khuras nearby. One of these towns was Crosswych which was under the heavy control of the Red Rooks. The townsfolk of Crosswych organized a resistance against the Red Rooks. The Mine was used as a prison by the Red Rooks to force the miners into slavery. The leader of the resistance was Tamien Sellan, a Breton from Eagle's Brook. Sellan and a mysterious traveler called the Vestige defeated the leader of the Red Rooks, Sternis Gelves.[2][3][4]

Third EraEdit

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During the Warp in the West, the town of Crosswych existed in the County of Urvaius, one of the southernmost regions located in the Iliac Bay. The regional deity worshiped in Urvaius was Stendarr and this is evident in the town of Crosswych had a temple dedicated to the Divine.[5]