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This article contains pre-release content.
Pre-release related content is unconfirmed and may be changed or removed before official release.
TESOnlineIcon Crown Crates
Crown Crate (Single)
Basic Info
Content Type Promotional Event
Crown Price 400 Crowns Icon
Date Added Late November, 2016
Main article: Crown Store
"These Crates will contain a randomized selection of useful consumables, and offer a chance to obtain rare and unique cosmetic items or mounts, including some previously-retired mounts, costumes, pets, and limited-time offers that are no longer available in the Crown Store. Crates will have different themes throughout the year, giving you the chance to obtain new, extremely rare items."
―Official description[src]

Crown Crates is an upcoming special Crown Store promotion set for release in late November, 2016.[1] They are randomized loot boxes that always contain useful consumables (potions, scrolls, etc.) and have a chance for new cosmetic collectibles, past limited-time offers, and exclusive rare mounts. They do not drop in-game.[2] If you receive something from a Crown Crate that you've already obtained, you are awarded Crown Gems. These gems can be used to purchase other collectibles from the current Crown Crate season.




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