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Crowns Concept Art

The Crown Store is an in-game digital marketplace that was introduced alongside the release of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. Through this marketplace players can purchase additional content, including but not limited to, DLC, costumes, mounts and pets.


Main article: Crowns

Purchases require crowns, an in-game currency that was added with the introduction of the Crown Store. Crowns can be purchased from the official ESO account store for PC/Mac, the Playstation Store for Playstation 4, and the Xbox Live Store for Xbox One. New players will receive a free one-time gift of 500 Crowns Icon, and ESO Plus members can receive a monthly allotment of 1,500 Crowns Icon.

The following are the currently available Crown packages:

750 $7.99 $9.99 £4.79 €6,99 $10.65 $11.25
1,500 $14.99 $17.99 £8.99 €12,99 $19.95 $20.95
3,000 $24.99 $29.99 £14.99 €20,99 $33.45 $33.95
5,500 $39.99 $49.99 £23.99 €34,99 $52.45 $56.95

Upcoming contentEdit

This article contains pre-release content.
Pre-release related content is unconfirmed and may be changed or removed before official release.

The following is content coming soon to the Crown Store:

Available contentEdit

The following is content currently available on the Crown Store:

Discontinued contentEdit

The following is content no longer available on the Crown Store:


  • Content purchased from the Crown Store on one account cannot be transferred to another.
  • Players who purchased discontinued content from the Crown Store prior to removal can still use it.
  • The Style Parlor was introduced to the Crown Store with the release Update 11. This collection allows players to change the name, race and appearance of their characters, and introduces hair styles, adornments, markings and personalities. [3]



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