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The Crown of Barenziah is a quest item and one of the Thieves Guild Trophies.


After finding all twenty-four Stones of Barenziah for Vex as part of the quest "No Stone Unturned," the Dragonborn is asked to recover the Crown of Barenziah from Tolvald's Cave.

Vex reveals that the Crown of Barenziah is actually a paragon for the Thieves Guild. Recovering the crown restores the paragon to its full status. The fully restored Crown of Barenziah then sits on the mannequin bust in The Ragged Flagon - Cistern.


Once restored, the Dragonborn receives the passive power Prowler's Profit. This increases the rate at which the Dragonborn finds precious gems in any container, including Draugr bodies.


  • It is impossible to equip the crown. When on its bust, the Crown only offers an "Activate" option.
  • The crown has twenty-five gems, but only twenty-four can be collected, as there is one gem that remained on the crown.


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