Crystal Chest

Crystal chest

Crystal Chests are located chest around the Shivering Isles. They are locked and can be opened by a Heart of Order.

The items inside the chest can vary from potions to leveled weapons.


  • Dementia – Southeast of Vitharn under a large mushroom tree, under the water.
  • Dementia – East of Crucible and south of the waterfall flowing into the Emean Sea, near the coastline. A little south and east of Runoff Camp.
  • Dementia – In the Xiditte catacombs after jumping across some support beams.
  • Dementia – In Pinnacle Rock.
  • Mania – On the Laughing Coast, west of Longtooth camp on the north side of the small bay.
  • Mania – On the north-eastern coast of an island east of Cylarne and north-west of Hale.
  • Mania – Just south of Cylarne, underwater, just east of the isthmus connecting the Isle of Flame to the Laughing Coast.
  • Mania – At the bottom of the waterfall just outside of Bliss
  • Mania – In Brellach near the exit after you leave after completing "The Helpless Army" (one need to activate a chime in the room to the left).
  • The Fringe – East-southeast of Xeddefen, outside the fringe walls (i.e. after one passes the gatekeeper).