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Cuhlecain, (2E ??? - 2E 854) also known as "Emperor Zero",[1] was a King and later Emperor of Cyrodiil. Though little is known of him, it was said he was a petty king in the Colovian Estates. He used the military talent of the great General Talos to command his army. After a year of consolidating power in Cyrodiil, he finally recaptured the capital of the Second Empire, the Imperial City. Shortly after this, General Talos was sent out to prevent an attack from High Rock and Skyrim (both areas that hated the idea of another Empire). Talos fought the two allied armies at the Battle of Sancre Tor, when he infiltrated the fort the Nords were confused and in their confusion, swore loyalty to Tiber Septim, having their suspiscions of their Breton allies.[2] The Breton command was defeated and killed or sold into slavery. In 2E 854, nightblades assassinated Emperor Cuhlecain, and left the Palace in ruins. The assassin also slit the throat of Talos, disabling him from using the Thu'um. Cuhlecain was later honored by the Septim Empire as Emperor Zero.

However, according to The Arcturian Heresy, it is said that Talos himself killed Cuhlecain to become the Emperor. Though it can be justified that Talos was meant to become Emperor according to the prophecy given to him by the Greybeards, and because Cuhlecain would never have let Talos obtain the throne, he was meant to kill Cuhlecain to fulfill the will of the Greybeards. It can also be suggested that Talos slit his own throat to make himself seem innocent to the murder.


  • Perhaps as a reference to Irish mythology, Cuhlecain's name bears a resemblance to the Irish hero Cú Chulainn.



Emperor of Cyrodiil
Warlord Attrebus 2E 852 - 2E 854 Tiber Septim

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