Cultural Exchange is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Rigurt the Brash, leader of the Expedition for Nord Cultural Exchange, has asked for the Vestige's assistance. They've agreed to trade a Nord book, clothes, and relic for similar Dark Elf items.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Trade for a Dunmer Book
  2. Trade for Dunmer Clothing
  3. Trade for a Dunmer Relic


This quest can be started after speaking with Rigurt the Brash, a Nord located in Mournhold. Rigurt complains that he's been waiting several days for the Dunmer bureaucrat to return and grant him access to begin his cultural exchange program. He asks the Vestige to help. His aim is to help exchange Nord culture amongst the Dunmer. To this end, he has three items that he wishes to exchange for similar Dunmer items - a Nord Book, Nord Clothes, and a Nordic Relic.

Dunmer BookEdit

Dunmer ClothingEdit

Dunmer RelicEdit